Saturday, December 12, 2009

Droid is Time Magazine's Gadget of the Year!

Stock photo of Motorola Droid
Considering a new cell phone for the holidays? You have GOT to read this article:

The Droid is mine. Allll mine. I love my Motorola Droid!

I've HAD an iPhone 3Gs (16 gb), and it was cute. Easy-to-use, and it was sexy (as far as gadgets go, anyway).

I've HAD an HTC Mogul (AllTel's HTC PPC-6800), and it had BRAINS (but the poor thing was ugly as sin). Heavy, too. So, I've had beauty (iPhone), and brains (HTC), but Windows Mobile was sluggish and boring (plus Windows crashes all the time, and my phone's operating system locked up. I lost functionality - except calling, but what is the use of a smartphone, if all that it can do is "call out")? I've had endless problems with Windows Mobile, and it was time for something new, but WHAT? There wasn't a single phone on the market that interested me, except the iPhone, and I was happy with it, didn't work in my house. I live in the "dead zone." Sure I had wi-fi, but I had that with my iTouch. What I wanted, and what I needed, was a backup phone line. Verizon delivered!

Simply and honestly put: "DROID DOES" (and it kicks ass, takes names, and can actually FIND people with it's GPS -- HA)! With over 22,000 apps, they have more than doubled their application count since launch on November 6th, and that's more than enough to play with, since we're just getting started, my Droid and me.

Oh, yeah, and the Moto Droid does everything at lightening-speed, too, and it truly multi-tasks like the sexy, brainy, well-muscled beast that it is. I have NEVER had to use my broadband connection (wi-fi) - anywhere, but it's nice to know that I have that option -- if I ever need it. The Verizon network is simply THAT good. When I actually balked at buying the Storm 1 (because it didn't offer wi-fi, something that my HTC had), the Verizon rep asked me, "But why would you need it, YOU WON'T MISS IT. Our wireless network is THAT good."

I thought I just had an arrogant customer service rep on my hands, and I hate that, but -- he was right! You actually have to try Verizon service to understand what I'm talking about, and with a 30-day guarantee, why anyone would pass on Verizon, just makes no sense. Verizon's customer service is truly unbelievable. THIS is how every company in America should operate: Every question, always answered, quickly and professionally (and in English). Complete customer satisfaction. Always (and I am (admittedly) a tough customer).

Oh, and the competition? AT&T? The brainiest advertising slogan this year: "There's a map for that" -- is TOTAL TRUTH IN ADVERTISING! I have been an AT&T customer for over eight years. I'm absolutely sold on Verizon and my Motorola Droid. For over eight years, I never had any cellular connection in this one location, spanning a few miles, on my way to/from work, and now I do. For the first time in years (and I've had a cell phone ever since the damned things were invented). Amazing: US Cellular, CellularOne, Sprint, Aerial, and AT&T - no other company - has ever been able to do that. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I live in the dead zone, and I have five bars -- every day?

My Droid has beauty and brains -- with endless connections. Endless possibilities. Verizon delivers!

And... it's mine.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cyndi's "Whatever Rice Chicken Dinner"

Here's what I tossed in my Aroma Rice Cooker:
  1. 1 cup white rice
  2. 2 cups water
  3. 1 cup of mixed vegetables
  4. 1 cup of cooked chicken
  5. 1/2 tsp of curry powder
Mind you, this is the "before cooking" photo!