Saturday, January 09, 2016

Playing with The Elements: Mixing Your Own Essential Oils

This is a story of withdrawal from using high quality essential oils in both catalytic burners (fire) and with a diffusers (water) :

Despite the cold damp weather here in Ohio (and we've had a mild winter so far, but it's about to get worse: the polar vortex is going to bring a host of bad weather). I have a pot of beans and ham cooking, the coffee is great, and I've filled up all of my effusion lamps/catalytic burners with my own homemade oil.

A very good friend of mine (KB) has spoiled me absolutely rotten. She has introduced me to using essential oils, and I love them!  The only problem is -- I've used them all, and I need to reorder.

Feeling the hurt of not having anymore of "the good stuff", I went to a "big name craft store" to see if their essential oils would work until my financial situation allowed me to buy some more of "the good stuff."

I decided to err on the side of caution and try a small sampling of their clove oil because I'm frugal by nature, but that oil didn't "delicately drop out of the bottle" -- it POURED -- like water. What a bad deal, even if it did seem like it was going to save some cash!

Ok. I've opened that one, and I can't return it, so I thought I'd try to use this as a base for making my own effusion lamp oil.  We'll see if it actually burns, and I hope it doesn't clog up my wick.  I will be taking 
the remaining three bottles of unopened essential oils back to the store for a refund.  This oil isn't necessary "bad" -- it's just not "the good stuff" (which is all 100% certified organic and therapeutic grade).

The jury is still out on the "local health food store" peppermint oil that I also bought yesterday. The good news is "it drips, slowly, just like I think a good oil should, and it doesn't pour. I can actually count the drops."  It smells good, but it's not quite as potent as the oils my friend sent me. Still, it might be a good substitute until my order comes in.

If anyone else out there uses effusion lamps (also called catalytic burners OR the Lampe Berger lamps -- the original -- DO NOT USE ***JUST*** ESSENTIAL OILS TO FILL THEM!

There is a special mix (a very specific recipe) to be used instead, which is a delicate combination of 91% alcohol, distilled water, and a SMALL portion of essential oil. If you use *just* pure essential oil, the oil won't burn and it will very likely ruin your wick. Remember -- 91% alcohol is highly flammable!

The recipe for making your own effusion lamp oil can be found here at: Christy's Thrifty Decorating.


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