Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ya know what?

-- it's time for a nap.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

. . . and welcome to the rant of the day - offered up with a "side order of hope" that we have a more promising new year - in a lot of areas . . .

I guess "it's good news when there is no news" - but that is CNN's job - to OFFER news! This rant stems from the coverage of the wonderment and news coverage on the part of CNN's anchors about the San Francisco Zoo's tiger, "Why did the tiger attack?" they questioned (and questioned, again and again, in my opinion, to the point of absurdity)!

For cryin' out flippin' loud. I DO NOT GET THIS! How in the HECK can they keep analyzing the "Why did the tiger attack?" story? My response: "Doh, it's a WILD ANIMAL, you blithering idiots - and it got loose - and it did what TIGERS do - attack and kill, you stupid dumb-butts"!

How many more angles are there to this story?

Granted, this was a TREMENDOUS, HORRIBLE, and FREAK attack, and it's just awful, and I hurt badly for this family and their unimaginable loss in this unbelievable tragedy, and I feel for the family members of the survivors who have suffered as well, and the survivors who lived through this ordeal and who are still suffering. I can't imagine what their memories are replaying each night in their dreams.

There is no doubt: the San Francisco Zoo SHOULD be held fully accountable. Why wasn't there adequate security for properly housing this animal? Why weren't the care-takers vigilant? Why was this housing/containment system so inadequate? These are valid questions, but how much longer do we have to hear about it? Why is CNN contributing nothing new here, and instead, they continue to choose to "beat a dead tiger"?

Why hash out reruns of the news, in general? There is enough ugly, pain, hurt, hunger, etc, in the world (so pick any topic you want), but, why can't CNN go out and SEARCH for NEW news stories and present something POSITIVE for a change? We have coverage of the political candidates, and I suppose that is at least something, but "where's the beef"? Thank God for Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty, Lou Dobbs, and Christiane Amanpour... they are all that save this network, in my opinion. I really appreciated Christiane Amanpour's "God's Warriors" reports, which gave us special insights, but why is CNN missing their mark? They CAN influence the direction of this country. Look at the YouTube debates where we get at least a small peak into the "mind of America".

Why don't they go out and do an in-depth analysis of what a country is doing RIGHT on: social issues, human rights, foreign trade, healthcare, fiscal responsibility, or something that this country NEEDS to see, to be reminded of, to REMEMBER what we have been, and what we, as a nation, SHOULD be? Is there such a place? Can we reinvent our nation - to become "all that we can be"? We used to be the model country in the world. We used to lead. We used to have REAL JOBS... we used to be (and have) - a lot of things.

What do we get now? Reruns of the news. Tiger tales. I think CNN needs to take a stand to offer up something new, and the U.S. needs to be reminded of what we COULD be - again. We need a constant reminder of our place (and former place) in the world, and we need to be: poked, prodded, and REMINDED that we can still have some hope that WE CAN BE - AS A NATION - AGAIN. We need some hope for the new year. Not more "tales."

The U.S. needs to BE FREE and not to "placed" where other foreign powers tell us to be. Why does it appear to "the common person" that China is calling the shots in foreign trade? Why are foreign nationals buying up major parts of our country? Why are we not (nearly!) in arms over the lead in our toys, our contaminated food chain, and our lack of jobs (jobs being sent overseas)? Why are we not taking responsibility and a new direction - for OURSELVES? We can see, clearly, what is NOT working. Can't we?

Why are we, as a people, anesthetized and appear to ACCEPT the status quo? Why are we shown the same stuff, over and over, which sets us back even further into a life of complacency: "Well, there is nothing that can be done about (fill in the topic of your most recent news topic here) - so let's just vegitate in front of the boob tube. What's on cable tonight? Oh, we've already seen that one."


I hate to be so negative about the coming year, but GAWD!

Sorry, I went way off-topic here, but... it all started with "the tiger tales." To make a play off of the movie line in "Troy" when Achilles turns and faces the opposing army (the Thessalonians, I think it was, and my edit is bracketed), and shouts to them, "Is there no[thing] else?"

With taxes being what they are, the war in Iraq, the lack of jobs, the lack of healthcare, the lack of border security, the lack of a PROMISE for a better future... why aren't we having the modern day equivalent of "The Boston Tea Party" here already?

Because we sit back and listen to "tiger tales."

Pass the burger and fries (with some extra salt, please)... it's time to float in the saturated fats of today's society.