Friday, November 24, 2006

UPDATE: Baby and Alley are just too cute!

Alley is a special little girl, and she came to me from TN through her momma, AlleyGirl, and her special "Auntie Cyndiekb". I just tried to take a picture of our beloved little Alley, and she really is the cutest little person. She had just had mealie morning treats, and I tried to capture a few pictures, lol. Only thing is, I kept getting her little butt. She finally decided, "Ok, well, maybe just one, for my first momma who really loves me, down home in TN!

Right now, Alley, and her best buddy, Baby, are exploring the living room, but not before they had a good lovin' with mealies and chin rubs. She LOVES chin rubs!

I'm sorry the pictures aren't of the highest quality, but my daughter, "Miss Vogue" has my digital camera at granma's house.

Here's Alley!

Now, then, on to my Baby-Love!

.... so, anyway, Alley's best buddy, Baby, is just as lovable! Baby comes to me from Judie Hausmann at My Little Gremlin Both girls were out and about this morning, but I wasn't able to get any pix of them playing together. They were "waltzing about" atop my hammered dulcimer (what is it with that thing, it was AnnaBear's favorite play area, too).

Anyway, after Baby had her "out and about time" she pranced over to my Buckeye Blankie, made by Sugeebaby of The Pampered Glider, and bounced back over to her cage... and plopped into her UFO, lovingly made by Helen of The Glider Playroom). The girls ADORE this UFO...

Here's Baby saying, "Mom, playtime and mealies were yum, but we are sleepy now!"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sneaky, speedy, Beaky!!

Well, well, I have permission to eat all I want today because I have already had my morning workout. You see, first thing in the morning, I give all my gliders their "morning mealies." Beaky had some issues earlier in the year, when we had an unsuccessful introduction (Beaky and Peepers meet Oliver and Reese), and Oliver attacked her. For the longest time, she wasn't using her hand, and her little left arm was dragging by her side. The vet said nothing was broken, but that Oliver had likely just caused her to be sore... well, she was, for awhile. However, you can't keep a good glider down, and before long, after lots of little circular massages, and lots of extra attention, my little Beaky was eating her food with BOTH hands like a hungry little piggy.

So today, I was happy to snuggle these two, and Beaky wanted to come out and play. GO BEAKY! She climbed all over me, jumped over onto my hammered dulcimer, where she ate a papaya treat, and then bounded over to my lace curtains, and she scaled them like a pro "Hey, ma, you can't get me, lookie here, see where I am?" and she zipped round and round... having the time of her life... you should have seen her bouncing across the floor, just like a little jackrabbit on steroids!!! GO BEAKY!!! WAITTTTTTTT... not into the kitchen!!!

Dammit, I had forgotten to close my "glider doors" and there she went... I was fast after her with my fat little Peepers still lazing away in her pouch... Beaky was zinging everywhere! I'd get close, and she'd zing left... I'd chase her some more, and she'd bank right.... Dammit... she went right under the modified Suncoast cage stand that I use to house all of my projects... dammit, if she gets in THERE... I am had (she'll hide in -- how many YARDS of fleece?). Thankfully, she is a curious little monkey, and she zings over to my brass baker's rack, and there, she's cornered -- unless she sneaks UNDER it, oh nooooooo, please, God, don't let her do that, I can't reach her...

I quickly lay their pouch down before her, while Peepers is STILL gnawing on her papaya treat, and Beaky looks in and says "Scoot over, please."

Gawd... Beaky, you little wigglebutt, you!! Thanks for the workout, which means I get another slice of mom's home-made pumpkin pie!

Gliders, what would we do without them?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Meet my new "Baby" and "Alley" and our temp buddy, "Houdini"

Ok, here we go, my new babies are on parade:

Baby is being my little sugar-butt... playing and being a good little girl.

Alley got woke up, and she is mad about it... bad ol' me....

Houdini heard Alley fussing and carrying on, so he joined in...

... and everyone wants their dinner!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

. . . For the Rescues!

The holidays are coming fast, and our rescuers are working night and day to help better the lives of our little sugar glider friends everywhere. Today is Saturday and I feel like sewing, and I just made a small financial donation to a rescue operation. So, IF you can, would you take a few minutes to help the glider rescuer of YOUR choice? Maybe you have extra feeding dishes, water bottles, pouches, extra cages (or reptariums), which are no longer being used... why not "pass it on?"

If you are ABLE to help, but you aren't exactly sure HOW you could best help, why not contact Suggie Rescue Resources, who CAN get your donation(s) to those rescue facilities who are most in need? Not everyone is capable of making a monetary donation, with the economy being what it is, but maybe you have extra supplies that are just laying around, and those items can be re-used (just clean'em up, wash'em up, pack'em up, and ship'em out)! We can all help out in so many different ways...

Let's all do our part for the holidays: the holidays are coming, and many of us will travel to meet up with our friends, families, and a few of us will even travel great distances to be with those we love.

If you can, remember those little gliders, who are in rescue facilities are also longing for a permanent and loving home; so, if you can and are capable of transporting a glider (or gliders), YOU could really make a difference to help these little gliders move into loving, caring, and nurturing permanent new homes.

Together... we can make it happen!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who in the HELL would buy meat off of the back of a truck with a door-to-door "whatever"?

I mean, really! What IS that stuff, anyway? It COULD be prime Grade-A Choice American Beef (or pork, chicken, lamb, goose, etc), or it could be roadkill, or God knows what else. Maybe it's someone's Uncle Benny, for all I know!

Who in their right mind WOULD buy this stuff? How do you know if the "product" IS what it says it is, or if it has actually been cleaned, prepared, or stored properly? Has the appropriate temperature been properly AND consistently maintained?

Come on, I am NOT going to buy my filet mignon off of the back of an old Dodge! Even further, how do you know if "this stuff" comes from DISEASED animals, or animals from an experimental research facility, or what if it's "only" been STOLEN from some poor farmer's livestock? How DO we, as consumers, "know"? I mean, even when we DO have regulations and inspections on food produce, etc, we STILL can end up with salmonella or e coli from recognized food distributors? There were at least 174 documented cases, nationwide, this past week! I sure as hell ain't gonna buy none from any dude who just hopped out of a truck (with, apparently, no license -- and yes, I did call the cops)!

I just ain't a'gonna buy anything that I have not personally checked out with the USDA -- and even then -- I am still skeptical. I told those dudes to get the hell off of my property and to never come back.

Gosh, Garnes, ya kinda cranky?

Hell yes. Although I do admire an enterprenurial spirit, I will not take any chances on this "stuff" -- no matter "how good the buy" may appear. "You get what you pay for" my momma always told me... well, that might be so, but I would also like to know that what I AM getting -- is in fact what I THINK I'm getting.

PS: Yes, I am quite well aware of my non-standard English and colorful language, and sure, I know better, but I am mad as hell, and that's just the way I wanted to say it.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled porterhouse, medium-rare, please... and I never got it off the back of no damned truck! I could just see the greedy glint in that poor SOB's eyes because we have our charcoal smoker all fired up (this dude thought had found himself a "live one").

He sure as hell did.