Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rick Sanchez (of CNN) is a COMPLETE IDIOT!

People watch CNN for news coverage. Especially the night before the Democratic National Convention, people are interested in REAL insightful political commentary. Then, there is Rick Sanchez, who is pointing at his laptop screen, in the vain and futile attempt to show his viewers what people are saying on his Twitter and FaceBook pages.


Hey, RICK! Get a clue: We can't SEE what it says, and if we were REALLY interested? Guess what, dummy, we'd GO there, to either of your silly inconsequential pages. Anything would be better than listening/watching you, you insufferable bore!

I do NOT need to see him pointing to a screen, with his stupid little pencil, while he STAMMERS, yes, STAMMERS (aren't news anchors supposed to be conversant?), trying to read/articulate what his web content is. When did broadcast journalism sink so low as to have to refer to some idiot's Twitter page? What kind of REAL newsperson would use such a ridiculously named website such as Twitter? It sounds like a site for little 10-year old girls to discuss make-up, shoes, and boys. Walter Cronkite was "real". Sanchez is a FARCE. He has all of the charm, grace, and brain's of a second-rate used car salesman - at best!

Come on, CNN. You can do better than this! Give me Lou Dobbs or give me Jack Cafferty - those are MEN with REAL BRAINS. Speaking of Cafferty, I can't get enough of that salty old crank! He always, upon always, has something insightful to share - even if I sometimes disagree with him.

For the love of Pete (pick any Pete you like): GET RID OF SANCHEZ! Please. He has proven time and again that he is nothing more than a hot-headed windbag with nothing of substance to offer anyone. Ever. Not only is he an idiot, but he's ugly to boot! The sooner the better. He has NOTHING to offer. AT ALL.


What channel is Fox News on? Don't make me push the button!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ross County, Ohio Makes The New York Times?

Knockemstiff, Ohio is finally heard of outside of our local area. Don't believe me? Fine, click here and see for yourself!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

WHO am I?

No, this is not necessarily a confession of a Rock Band addict who is currently stuck on playing anything by The Who!

This morning, I had a really good cup of coffee, and I resolved to go outside to work in the "camper thing" where several projects need my attention. However, I got stopped in the kitchen by a grocery bag full of cucumbers that our neighbor had very kindly brought down to us! What to do with all of them? I went right to work on them! I started washing them down, and I cut off the ends, and I started slicing, chopping, and dicing. I now have the biggest and best salad ever to have graced the planet!

Garnesy's Salad

The salad - nearly complete!

1. Romaine lettuce
2. Cherry tomatoes
3. One of each color: red, yellow, orange, AND green bell peppers
4. Cucumbers, both English and regular garden cucumbers
5. 2 large red onions
6. Garlic (to taste)
7. 2 skinned chicken breasts (cubed and seared in a wok to a perfect golden brown)
8. A passionate shake of some Red Crushed Chili Peppers - just for the heck of it!
9. Another strong shake of some chopped parsley!

I placed all of it in a giant "lock-n-lock" container, and I had John shake, shake, SHAKE that container to mix it all up really good! This salad is flippin' HUGE!

The finishing touch (once I'm ready to set up individual servings) is to top it off with some lovely crumbled Greek feta cheese, and Mmwaaah!. Perfection!

Top it off with some freshly crumbled feta

While I was preparing the cucumbers, we decided it would be nice to have some freshly baked bread. I thank mom every day for that awesome bread machine! It makes the perfect loaf of bread - every single time. The bread smells great, and it will be ready any minute now. Once we top it off with some real butter (no margerine, thank you!), then, we're set to have a scrumptious late lunch or early dinner (might as well yank the grill cover off, while we're at it).

Now, we still had plenty of cucumbers left over, so I sliced them thin (but not too thin), and I placed them in another "lock-n-lock container" (those things save so much space in the fridge). Roll out the Red Onions! I cleaned them, and John sliced them into rings (because my eyes started going crazy), and we made a really colorful Cucumber and Onion Salad. But, something was missing, so I pulled out the extra-virgin olive oil, and I grabbed some Red Wine Vinegar, and I made the tastiest viniagrette, too.

Lastly, I had been long been craving some tzajiki (a Greek recipe, it's basically a "cucumber and yogurt dip/spread"), and although I didn't have any thick Greek yogurt, I made it with what I had on hand. It's not quite the same, but it's close - until I can buy some cheesecloth and make my own yogurt.

Tzjajiki and freshly baked bread

1. Dannon Plain Non-Fat Yogurt (2 cups)
2. 1/2 cup of freshly grated English cucumbers
3. 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
4. 10 cloves of fresh garlic (or more, I love garlic, so stay away, haha)
5. 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Oooh, I can't wait for this stuff to properly chill! It'll be great with the crusty part of the bread as an appetizer for any meal. Better yet, this is good in the fridge for a couple of days, so it will only get better. Tzatziki is especially yummy with fried chicken (but that's not on my agenda today).

Everything is in the fridge (but the bread), and the cucumber salad will be perfect tomorrow (it's best when it sits a day, anyhow).

WHO IN THE WORLD AM I? I do NOT normally get into things like this, and I've scared myself!

After lunch (ok, it'll be an early dinner at this stage), I'll go outside to my workshop and complete a few projects. My IPOD and The Who are going with me!

Friday, August 01, 2008

"Be the change that you want to see in the world." M. Ghandi

During these tough times, we all need some guidance, some wisdom, a sense of security and some stability, and yes, even direction. Let's remember the famous words of Mahatma Ghandi:

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."

I found this article today, written by Michael Angler of the Positive Path Network, entitled, "Top Ten Things to Think About If You Want to Change the World". I would very highly recommend this article. In order to honor Mr. Angler's copyrighted material, I've posted the link, but here is his opening paragraph (to help determine if you'd like to read the full article):

"Mahatma Gandhi believed that we must be the change we want to see in the world. This was well demonstrated when he helped India gain its independence. Gandhi was a revolutionary man, but he accomplished India's emergence as a nation without starting a revolution. In fact, he advocated no violence. One of the most powerful countries in the world yielded to the commitment of one man and the dream of millions . . . "

Everything starts with one dream, one person, and a tremendous level of commitment and devotion.

What is yours?