Monday, April 09, 2007

SGGA 2007 -- it's time to get ready!!

For those of you who are just hitting my blog for the first time, you may ask, "What is the SGGA"? The SGGA stands for Sugar Glider Get-Away, and it's a huge event that draws sugar glider people in from all over the United States and Canada. Who knows maybe this year, other countries will join us for the largest gathering of sugar glider people in the United States!

What can an SGGA registrant expect to find, do, or experience at the SGGA?
Honestly, so many things that it's hard to list them all! First of all, meeting some of the most caring, loving, and dedicated wonderful people is tops on my list! Sugar glider people come from all walks of life representing nearly every profession. Sugar glider people can't be "labeled" -- other than they are some of the most giving and caring people you could ever hope to meet, and in this day and age, meeting people like that is becoming harder and harder to do. SGGA visitors will also learn so much about sugar gliders... even the most experienced sugar glider caregiver!

In years' past, we have had guest speakers from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) about rules and regulations, which explain who can (and unfortunately), who can't, own one (or more) of these remarkable and incredibly wonderful little pets. We've also had veterinarians present, discuss, and take questions and answers on sugar glider physiology, dietary habits, illnesses, and other glider healthcare issues. Then, there are the "breakout sessions" where visitors can learn so many things, such as: how to decorate cages (or reptariums); how to safely (and effectively trim sugar glider nails -- and this is NO EASY feat, either... sugar gliders are very small and highly energetic, and they don't "sit still" -- how to make "glider safe" toys, cage pouches, or other goodies, which can safely be left in the cage(s), and then, there are the RAFFLES!

RAFFLES?, you ask? Yes! Raffles! These items are generously donated by vendors and sugar glider lovers to be raffled off, which will help fund the next year's SGGA (and/or help glider rescues). For a relatively small donation, a visitor can enter the raffles and win almost anything! Last year, there were so many prizes: all to make loving, owning, and caring for sugar gliders even easier! Past items included: mini-fridges, sugar glider custom-made cage stands, glider-safe cages, toys, toys, toys, and more toys (to keep sugar gliders happy), and so many other items that it would just take too long to list them all.

Instead... why not take a look at what last year's SGGA had to offer -- and this was just a small part of the donations!

SGGA 2006: Cincinnati, OH
Check out some of the raffle items!

The University of Michigan winner!

The Ohio State University winner!

Stop, take a minute, and ask yourself, do you have a passion for owning your sugar glider(s)? Or, if you aren't already a sugar glider owner, would you like to learn more about owning a sugar glider at the largest, most enjoyable, learning environment possible, where you can meet experienced glider owners and "take it all in"?

If so, do yourself a favor and stop by this website... and get yourself signed up! The more, the merrier!

I hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who let the "freaks" out? Dook - dook - dook!

Gosh, here we are, two inches of snow and a temperature of 29 degrees, after we were just getting used to 80+ degree temperatures. Who'd not get in a funk over that? I hate cold weather. Period. So, what do we do "back here in 'dem hills" when we don't wanna step out? We get "freaky"...

Witness today's mischief from earlier this afternoon. SuperFreak, who is still recovering from Adrenal Gland Disease (her left gland was removed) got into trouble for making a huge mess (have no fear, all glider bowls will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and no gliders and ferrets were ever in contact). This just goes to show you, ferrets know "no limits" - they get into everything! SuperFreak was actually playing "hockey" with the leftover peas... silly girl that she is!

Morrigan and Mab pig out

SuperFreak was creating mischief, and was slow to respond to treat time

See, I told you, she is sneaking about - look what she did!

She knocked the feeder tray off - and then, played innocent

"Hey, look, mini ferret soccer balls! Peas!"


Queen Mab KNOWS she is "the stuff"

Morrgie and Freaky move too fast! Catch 'em if you can!

Freak waiting on another treat

My "pet polar bear"

My silly "little man" - White Fang. I can't believe I never posted his pix up here before. Anyway, this morning, he is going crazy, and the squads and sirens aren't helping. For whatever reason, known only to "Mother Nature" we got a lot of snow last night (it had better not kill my rose bushes!); so, someone has had an accident on these long and winding country roads, and Fang is upset. Check out this cute "little feller"!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Glider Rescuers: The "real deal" and "the wannabes"

Warning: This is MY rant and MY PERSONAL opinion (and it is NOT necessarily the opinion(s) of any board, or boards, with which I may be affiliated). Don't read it if you are gonna whine about it. Debate, you ask? Sure... bring it on!

Well, I've just about had it with the drama queens and whiners in the glider community. Our glider community is a small and close-knit one, and we DO look out for one another and all gliders everywhere, but lately, there has been a surge in "glider rescuers." Now, forget for a minute that anyone can call themselves a glider rescuer, but who really knows what they are doing? Too many look at glider rescues as a source of "free money" and rather than actually look out for the benefit of the gliders; instead, will come up with whatever kind of story that sounds good, just to get the gliders for free (or at low cost) and then BREED them and sell the joeys for profit. This is morally and ethically WRONG.

But that is not my point of this entry; rather, I've just about had it with people who THINK they are "rescuers"-- those who jump right into the "glory of the rescue situation at hand" who may THINK they know all about the glider(s) without having even SEEN the gliders in question! Then, what do they do? They do nothing but gripe and complain about how much work it is... how much it costs, and how they have no more room for anymore gliders, and blah blah blah.

Well, DUH! If these characters CAN'T do it (glider rescue) -- no one is FORCING them TO do it... so next time -- they just shouldn't. My momma always taught me, "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen." These "supposed rescuers" either need to do the job they've set out to do, and "leave the drama at the door" as one of my favorite glider boards says -- or leave the job to those who KNOW what they are doing, and who do it QUIETLY, behind the scenes, TRULY... for "the good of the glider" and NOT for attention, glory-seeking, or supposed "standing" in the eyes of others in the glider community...

To "the wannabes": GET OFF THE WHINING WAGON!!! If you TRULY want to rescue (and have the patience, the financial means, the room, and the heart -- and CAN deal with the heartaches and losses (and, surely, there ARE those) -- then, DO IT, and I will be there to assist in whatever way that I possibly can... and do it with a glad and free heart, and do your best... but leave the drama out of it!

Gliders come first in this community... not the "wannabe rescuers" and the drama they create...

Let's keep RESCUING about THE RESCUES. Support the known and established rescuers, who put their hearts and souls on the spot for ANY glider in need -- anytime, day OR night... no matter what. REAL rescuers put their money (from what they are able to raise from various projects) where their mouths are... and don't fuss, whine, and carry on about it, and turn the whole matter into a major production, worthy of another George Lucas epic movie, a la "Star Wars."

If you truly want to support the rescues, look no further than your favorite glider board, or contact Suggie Rescue Resources...who works in partnership with such great glider boards, such as: United Sugar Glider Network (a rescue, rehabilitation, and education board -- where rescue IS our focus), or Gliders Anonymous, or Animal Craze (this last board is involved with, not only sugar gliders, but other species as well).

Now, I don't want to discourage any new rescuers, for without glider rescuers, so many of our beloved little gliders would be in harm's way... if you need help with a rescue situation, contact one of the glider boards. Don't try to go it alone: this IS hard work, and it can be very expensive... Help is freely given in this community. Just keep everything about, and "for the good of the glider."