Monday, May 28, 2007

Meet my sweet little "Sprout"!

Back in December, I learned that, at age 43, I was expecting. Wow, that was an incredible surprise, I mean, afterall, I'd already started menopause... I'd held off from discussing my pregnancy with all but the closest of friends because I was just too scared, and I was afraid I'd jinx myself. I mean, having a baby at my age (along with other factors) placed me in the "high-risk pregnancy" group. I was too afraid to make a big announcement for fear that something would go wrong. Not that I'm a pessimist (quite the opposite, really), but based on my experiences, I've found that if something can go wrong - it will. I don't need to borrow trouble because "trouble" seems to be my middle name.

Regardless, when I learned that I was expecting (on December 3rd - or was it the 7th?) I was already on my way home from work, and to say that I was SHOCKED was a complete understatement! However, deep inside, I was so excited, and I was very happy. You see, I'd always hoped that, one day, my daughter would have a younger baby sister (or brother), but after my divorce from her dad that seemed most unlikely. By the time I had my first ultrasound, they'd concluded that I was already two and a half months pregnant. I went through the round of all kinds of genetics testing: test this, test that, test the other thing, and then test some more. Finally, all was pronounced in good order, and I was excited to share my news.

Daddy is very proud of her, and most of you, my readers, know John, my "first crush" (and we finally connected 20+ years after the fact). We were always married to someone else... funny how things work out, huh?

Sprout is due July 16th, 2007, but she is already 6 lbs, 6oz (and counting)! My OB told me that just because she is due July 16th doesn't mean that she will not come earlier. Gosh, I hope so (as long as she is healthy and safe). Walking and everything these days is so complicated (and painful). My older daughter, age 14, weighed about this size when she was born!! Lord, help me! Sprout is a very energetic little angel, and her favorite music to listen to is JS Bach's Cello Suites and Sonatas. Most of you would remember this as the soundtrack from Russell Crowe's film, "Master and Commander." Her daddy and I can't wait to meet her! So, without further adieu, meet our baby girl, whom I have nicknamed "Sprout" since she literally popped up out of nowhere.

Here are a couple of her favorite tracks:
Bach (JS): Cello Suite #1 In G, BWV 1007 - Praeludium and Bach (JS): Cello Suite #1 In G, BWV 1007 - Allemande from this album: Bach (JS): Cello Suites & Sonatas [Disc 1], performed by Janos Starker. You can hear a sample of some of J.S. Bach's work here at Dave's J.S. Bach's Page. Sprout just loves those low basses, and I could swear that she is dancing in there when she hears this CD.

You can hear samples of Starker's performances here: Janos Starker plays J.S. Bach (courtesty of Amazon's sample page).

If you'd like to buy the CD that I have, which was most recently performed for the soundtrack of the movie "Master and Commander" , you can order it through Amazon, right here: JS Bach's Six Suites; Sonatas in G major & D major.

More pix and updates to come!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

QUEEN failed....

For the first time, EVER... "it's impossible to be in a bad mood when QUEEN is playing -- anything."

Today was the first time QUEEN failed to lift me from my unhappiness.

Life sucks.

Chaos Theory and Random Thoughts....

When in a funk, grab a ferret, slap in some vintage Queen (it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be in a bad mood when Queen is playing ANYTHING), and smoke a cigar (ok, so I can only do two out of three things right now, and "two out of three ain't bad" sings Meatloaf); so, the good cigar will just have to wait until Sprout is out... which is a good long while yet.

Lookin' on the bright side of life, SuperFreak is GRAND! She's made a full recovery after her AGD (adrenal gland disease) surgery, and she's lookin' good! We've moved the ferrets to the outside cage for today, while we work on the basement (an absolute necessity)... Afterall, I want to play a game of pool.

Today is gorgeous day: a bright sunny blue limitless sky kinda day... carpe diem!

So, here are my mischievous little girls, brought up by their daddy, John... out to seek fun and sun. Meet SuperFreak ("Freaky"), Morrigan Le Faerret, and Queen Mab (the little evil).

The Ferret Family:

Once I "get to the bottom of things" which means, once I'm in the basement and "find what I'm looking for":hardware cloth and PVC pipe fittings, amongst other things), I fully intend to camp myself out on the back porch and "create something."

Will I?

Who knows, but for now, I've got a good plan.

Make today the best day it can be.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there -- everywhere!

My song for the day?

"The Great Pretender" of course! Performed by George Michael, who joins in with Queen (wonderfully) in place of the late, great, Freddy Mercury (how I miss his voice).

I'm off to sing in the basement.

It's me. Today.