Sunday, March 25, 2007

KENTUCKY Glider Rescues Update: Thing and Sweetie move to new home!

Anyone following the story of the seven Kentucky gliders who were rescued last December may wonder whatever happened to the two younger ones. Well, Thing came to me as a wee joey, and I could not place him in a permanent home until he was neutered. With the help of Suggie Rescue Resources, I was able to get all three boys neutered (two adult males, and the wee joey, when he was of age).

Last week, I placed Thing and his sister, Sweetie, in a permanent and loving home, and better yet, I get almost daily updates on their progress! I do keep in close contact with those who have taken in my rescues, and the new adoptive parents have taken the gliders with this understanding: "if you are unable to keep or to care for them in any way, just call me, and I will come pick them up - no questions asked."

Thing and Sweetie were delivered to their new home, and their new mommy will be making them a huge new cage (a wall unit - talk about lucky babies - they are going to be SO SPOILED -- and they are already well on their way)! Today's word is, they are doing great and playing nicely and not fussing too much, lol.

Here are a few pictures of their travel cage and some of their goodies. Note: this is NOT a permanent cage - merely a temporary cage that I provided until their new permanent cage comes in. Originally, the cage she had ordered was out-of-stock, but a replacement will be provided by The Pampered Glider very soon. Future plans for these two babies is a custom-made wall unit, which will come in time.

The Travel Cage provided by The Glider Playroom

Contents included:
1. Samples of Rep-Cal with Vitamin D3 and Rep-Cal Herpetivite, along with a copy of Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters Diet Plan

2. Veterinary reference and contact info for the vet who has been tending to their care

3. Samples of MEALIES from GrubCo

4. Samples of other glider goodies from Suncoast Sugar Gliders, such as: Brisky's Yogurt Drops and Brisky's Papaya Treats

5. Two food and water dishes, each

6. Water bottle

7. Cage set, including a cage pouch, two hammocks, and a zippered bonding pouch (fleece exterior and 100% cotton interior)

8. Toys included, a set of baby teething rings, a teddy bear, and a Twizzler.

"Treats, treats! We even got some yums while we were waiting to go to our new home! Watch us down these yums in a quick one-two-three"! Note: The blur was caused by Thing in that last photo because he reached out, grabbed the spoon, and stuck his nose in what was left. Since it was hard to hold the pouch, camera, and spoon at the same time, we had an ooopsie, and he got yogurt all over himself! Sweetie was a perfectly well-behaved little angel-pie.

"Are you my mommy?" Thing warms up to his new momma while Sweetie looks on...