Monday, May 29, 2006

The Kiely Clan update...

Kiely, Kie, and Charlie (their joey) have decided to hang out with me today in their new bonding pouch. Kie and Kiely were more than happy to snuggle in, but little Charlie was quiet put out by being woken up. Here's a peek or two...


Miss Bear, you have been a little wild thing this morning, and I am going to tell on you!

So, it's a nice leisurely Memorial Day morning, and I had slept in until about 7 am this morning (I'm up usually at 5:30 am). I thought I'd just play on my new laptop and see what I had missed in "glider world" - when suddenly - little Miss Bear just couldn't get "comfy." See, earlier, she had taken a snooze just inside my shirt, but then she started sneaking around (that tickles!); so, I encouraged her to sit on my shoulder, but no... she wanted to navigate around the living room. Fine. It's safe enough, and I keep a close eye on my gliders when I let them play.

So, I'm still too lazy to make my morning coffee (I hate mornings), and I am having a nice chat with a great friend of mine, and then I heard it. Plink, plink, fwinnnnnng!! "What in the world," I thought to myself... "I hear my GUITAR"! No one is even awake yet!

Sure enough, little Miss AnnaBear had gotten into my guitar case because some big dummy (ok, it was me...) had failed to zip it all the way shut. AnnaBear had snuck inside from the top and decided to serenade me this morning with her beautiful glider mood music.

After all of this excitement, I decided it was most definitely time for coffee... and time to update this blog. AnnaBear has finally calmed herself down, and she is once again my sweet little girl, sleeping just inside my shirt (for now).

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thank you, Hushpuppy (Anita) and Sugeebaby (Karen)!!!

WOW! Check out the rooms here at the official "SGGA Hotel" - the Ramada Inn! I was lucky enough to get a nice suite this year since Anita wasn't going to be able to attend afterall. Here's a big thank you to Sugeebaby for letting me know about it, too! THANK YOU! With the last few days of school drawing near, I would have missed out completely if it weren't for my good pal Karen who is intent on blanketing the whole hotel - and maybe the whole southwest corner of the state - in BLUE and MAIZE if I don't keep a good handle on things... Click on the Ohio State University and University of Michigan SGGA Donation Challenge!

Darn it, I was really looking forward to seeing Anita again this year. She offers some really great products for sugar gliders - one of a kind items, such as: the StealthWheel, Foraging Units, and all kinds of other enrichment toys, too! Check out her website at SugaRae's Attic. You'll be glad you did!

Now that school is out, I need to focus on "the glider game" with my fabulous amigo, that incredibly talented - and ever so devoted to all things glider... Sugeebaby - the Lady in Blue! Check out her site: The Pampered Glider for very high quality designer glider purses and handmade quilts.

AnnaBear! You devilishly delightful little girl!
Last night, I was working late; so, I got home past my gliders' usual dinnertime. Uh oh! Luckily, John was playing "chef du jour" (thank you, sweetie!)and set out a complete feast for my furry little babies! However, AnnaBear, my special girl (because I had handraised her) was feeling quite full of herself, and she decided to "get John." John told me that she woke up just as he was serving her dinner, and she looked at him - then waltzed over to her feeding dish and dipped her tail right in her BML... turned... and shook her tail. Effectively splashing BML all over him! He swears that she did deliberately! Knowing my AnnaBear as I do, she probably did!

More later... I have exhausted every letter in the alphabet, I think. Wait. QQQQQ ZZZZZZ. There, that should cover things for a bit!

Monday, May 22, 2006

White Fang! What have you done?

White Fang is my little Akita puppy, why, he's just a wee thing... see? He's just a little over four months old, and he is very playful. He is secretly in love with one of my sugar gliders, Reese, and they can just stare into one another's eyes for what seems like an eternity: he whimpers at her, and she chatters at him, and on it goes.

This evening, while I was setting up my gliders' dinners, Fang had to stick his nose, quite literally, into someone else's business. WHOOP: there it is! Carrots, peas, corn, and green beans went flying all over my floor... well, Fang is a good boy, after all, he knows that he needs to eat his vegetables (he is still a growing boy), and he also didn't want to leave a mess: how considerate my little man is!

I captured what seems like 1,000 photos, but here are two of Fang and John, just being "dudes"... more tomorrow!

Fang, lookie here what big ears you have!   

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Drum roll, please!

Oh my God... we heard so much squabbling in that pouch that we just KNEW we had an ornery little man on our hands (in the fine tradition of the grandfather, Sugi, and the daddy, BooBoo), and we also knew that we had a fat little joey, but that is because...


ok... calm down, girl... take a breather...

one joey was always on top of another! Yes, that's right. My BooBoo and his little wife Meg are the proud new parents of twin -- boys.


Boys! Pix to come when I can get them, Meg was getting fussy.

Woo Hoo! I gotta new toy (or two)!!

Ok, friends of mine have known for MONTHS that my laptop had major issues... and last week, my students were startled when they heard what sounded like a handful of small pebbles being dropped into a blender - on high speed! Honestly, I was worried. Our high school Prom pictures were on that CD... and I was afraid they were gone. So, after that experience PLUS two floppy disks getting STUCK in my floppy drive, which required me to power down, remove the floppy drive... and take the *(#%&# thing apart... in class... I decided "that was the FINAL assault."

Since patience is not (nor ever has been) one of my virtues, I walked into CompUSA and picked up a snazzy Toshiba laptop (hey, I've had three or four Toshibas over the years, and they have all been incredibly reliable machines - including the one that I accidently DROVE over (and which still works fine... for a Pentium 120 or something like that). So, the Gateway Solo 9550 is being passed down to my daughter - maybe it just hates me). There's even a 666 in it's serial code, so that should tell us something! Anyway, I'll let a repairperson take a look at before I pass it down since I don't want it to "get my kid."

Anyway, I came so darned close to getting the new MacBook (I am SICK to death of Windows, instability/security issues, blah, blah, blah... and the new MacBook CAN read PC programs and files (and will allow a dual boot operating system), but since ALL programs are not entirely 100% universal, and the MacBook is not guaranteed to run everything that I hope to be working on this summer... here I am with another PC. If you have a BETTER recommendation than this lovely Toshiba Satellite P105 Series, I'd be happy to hear about it before a return is out of the question.

The only complaints that I really have so far are:

1. Bluetooth is NOT standard. I'll need to use an adaptor (but I already had one because the Gateway didn't have BlueTooth either);
2. The keyboard is a little "off-center" but, hey, I now have a numeric keypad, which is really handy since I am a teacher... grade entry should be a snap!

Well, time for me to get back to work. Playing on this thing is much too fun (and distracting as all get-out). While I was at it (and since I was already being BAD... I nabbed an IPOD, too. Gawd. Couldn't "just say no." I work hard for the money... but I'm worth it!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Presenting: The Sugi Dynasty!

We were just feeding the gliders, and lo and behold... my first glider, Sugi, and his family, were checking me out to see which cage was going to get fed first... and Andrea snapped this SWEET little CONFECTION of some SUGAR.... hehe

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My "creation" (such as it is)

Well, I am NOT a "crafty" person by nature: domestication is not my strong suit at all. For instance, today, I decided to treat my family to cookies (and I cheated). My most excellent and "never-fail" Chocolate Chunk Cookies came to me courtesy of a school fundraiser (thaw, roll in a ball, smash down, and bake for 12 minutes at 350 degrees) - and I didn't burn a single one (unlike my popcorn). coughs

Anyway, I have been trying to learn to make pouches for my pet sugar gliders, just so I have some on hand in between washings, and, well, sometimes pouches just wear out too quickly. I have always bought my cage pouches, bonding pouches, etc. (from the vendors I've listed below in my sidebar), but since I have a sewing machine, and I hadn't burnt any cookies - I was feeling "lucky" and I thought I'd take a little trek into "some domestic duties" - sewing!

Here we go: This is my first "travel pouch." It's double-layered (seamless interior) and sports a 7-inch zipper (hey, it's all I had in a color that matched my fleece - but this was just thrown together). The strap is double-stitched into the top of the pouch, but in the future, I'd make this detachable (if I am brave enough to try again). The pouch measures: 11 inches wide by 10 inches tall, with a 28-inch strap. Anyway, it'll get me between here and there if I need to go out for a quick something or other.

This was a fun project!!

Disclaimer: Proudly Made in the USA of 100% fleece. No wheat germ, honey, or mealworms were harmed in the creation of this product.

Happy Mother's Day!

...but what in the world were you thinking, my dear? I mean, I can understand your excitement at just having had a full moon (you were ALL crazy last night), but really, today? Good heavens, I swear, those were just "regular mealies" that I gave you this morning; yet, you were so "spazzed."

Today, everyone was fed another round of yummy Mighty Mealies from GrubCo, and Harley got himself all worked up. What a great glider he is, and he is so rambunctious - there is never EVER a dull moment with Harley around! Today, I tried and tried to capture a great "gliding photo" but ol' Harley was just too fast for me.

The first thing he did was land on me, and then he took to bouncing and poinging across the living room. He was especially fond of climbing up and down on my new acoustic guitar case (softside) and making a lot of racket. Then, he zipped up my lace curtains, and across the curtain rod, and back down the other side, and across the table.. down a leg, over a (newly re-upholstered chair), and down to the floor... across the room, and up Sugi's cage... where he proceeded to "tell that bunch just what he thought of them" before poinging over to the top of HIS cage... and then, hanging onto the side... and telling BooBoo what he thought of him, too. Gawd. As if that weren't enough mischief... my sweet (yes, he IS sweet!) boy decided to try out his gliding technique; so, he climbed to the top of his cage, and, for God knows what reason, decided he wanted to land on my crabitat (yes, I have a few hermies, and no worries, there is a lid on it to keep humidity in and gliders out)... but he missed, and went "ker-plunk" on my softside sewing machine case. That didn't slow our man down, no, not at all. So, back up the cages he zipped... right to the top of his, and decided he'd try a new strategy... gliding over to the door (I know this is strange, but Sugi does it too) where he can hang onto my door trim... and look down at me while I am on the computer.

Well. Harley took off! Zoooooom! His aim was great. Right on! But, he overshot his distance (uh oh) and went "ker-splat" on the door... and dropped (he is OK - I checked). But, right in front of the door, right at the side of my desk is a small Coca-Cola trash can... and my sweet boy nearly scored two points... with himself. IF he did fall in, he sure got out quick (thank God it had been emptied). At that point, I thought enough, boy, you are gonna hurt yourself (and he was making me nervous). I checked him out, and then tucked him into his snuggle pouch, made by Shawna (USMom), and put him to sleep for the day - with his equally sassy wife, AnnaBear.

Harley, are are quite a little "rebel rouser" but I love you very much!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


We have a joey! Last night, there was much chattering and happy squeak sounds coming from their cage, and I respected their privacy, but this morning, I just had to take a quick peek (less than five minutes) to see what was going on in their cage pouch, which is made by Ann, of Wildernest Creations. Although I was only able to catch a quick glimpse, I think we have one boy. If there is a second joey, s/he is hidden beneath another glider to keep him/her warm.

Congratulations, Meg & BooBoo!

UPDATE: The Kiely Clan

First thing this morning, I gave Kie and Kiely their meds (followed by their morning treat), and I took a few snapshots. Charlie, their very energetic little boy, decided he needed some independence and moved to his own pouch (where he could have his treats at his leisure). Kiely is fast becoming quite the little adventuress... she wants to investigate and see (and touch) everything. Kie is a little more relaxed, afterall, if she is up and moving around, he'll get her leftovers.

Enjoy the pix!

Kie & Kiely in love!   

Charlie and his tail   

Kiely showing off   

Kie not liking the flash   

Kie feeling    

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joeys! Joeys! I think I have joeys!!

I know, I know, What do you mean you "think" you have joeys? Why not just check the cage pouch and see for yourself? Well, as it is, I was just about to go tend to my new gliders and serve up their dinner, but they are in a kind of quarantine; so, I will check Meg and BooBoo's cage tomorrow. I noticed that everyone was up and ready for dinner BUT BooBoo, and that's rare for my little man. I bet he is tending to his babies... more info tomorrow - with pix if I can get them!

OH MY! Everyone, I am hearing little squeaks! They are chattering! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Kiely Clan is in a "huddle" discussing....

....maybe the SGGA '06 glider play-offs: The Ohio State University Crabbing Gliders vs. The University of Michigan Barking Wolverines?

Hey, check out THEIR team colors... I think they are all for Team Disney! Gotta love those Glider Day Dreams custom-made pouches! (edited: oops, I just noticed I didn't upload that particular picture - still, Karin makes some of the best glider pouches on the market - makes me wish I were a glider, because they are so soft and fluffy!)

By the way, this set-up is NOT a permanent cage for these gliders... it's just a temporary setup so that I can keep the gliders near my bed to keep a close eye on them. For what it takes to properly house a glider, check this link, courtesy of SunCoast Sugar Gliders. I have two of these cages, and I LOVE them (I actually need two more, but I need a double-decker for space reasons).

The Kiely Clan moved in on Friday, May 5th, 2006, and they are settling in very well. This morning, Kiely wanted to "thumb rassle" and take on the BOSS, John, the Big Daddy of my gliders. Gotta love that man... he is the dearest man in the world, and he handles all of my ideas (some wild, some crazy, and some just plain silly) with such ease. Like today, for instance, I was enthralled with playing the hammered dulcimer in this special music store - almost bought that one (and I still might). Is John phased? Nope... he's always on my side. I love this man.

But, back to the gliders! It's almost time for glider dinners to be served; so, I am about to go, but I just wanted to post up an updated pic of these cuties (and also show you what little piggies they are). They LOVE their BML... and tomorrow morning, they'll get some mealies before I leave them for the day.

Now, to the kids!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Getting to know you, getting to love you!

Our new gliders, Kie, Kiely, and Charlie are settling in nicely, and they are so sweet and gentle. Last night, they even allowed me to trim their nails (I've usually had to bribe gliders to be able to do that). I have taken a lot of photos, but I will share only one this evening since this is a school night. I will just have to figure out how to get a video clip on here. I just wish everyone could have seen Kiely eating last night. She was eagerly smacking her little lips, and she was actually clawing at the melting BML. What an adorable little piggy! Kie was most content after his manicure: check out who wears the "daddy pants" in the "Kiely Clan." More pix to come as time allows (I have a zillion it seems). This is Kie holding my hand... isn't he a real sweetie?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

TnR Gliders!

Hi there, Mom!

Cyndi is on her way out, but she wanted you to know that we were great kids last night, and she took a few more pix of us. We can't wait to see you later today!

Your furry kids

Hi, we're the Kiely Clan!

Hello everyone,

We're up and dressed for adventure! We settled in last night, but we had a long drive to our new mommy's house, and when we got to our new home, we really wanted to come out and play! Since I'm the head of this clan, I checked things out for my family first, and everything seemed ok, so I gave the "all clear" and proceeded to take a little stroll. Dad pretty much kept our blankies warm, but Charlie, our son, jumped right on to our new mom's shoulder and went for a ride around the room while she kept talking into some strange black plastic thing that didn't look [u]anywhere[/u] near as cuddly as me, but that's ok, I had things to go see.

After we had a few minutes of "peek and see" around everywhere, we decided we'd call it a night and settle in for the night with a nice double yum of BML. We only ate a little, but hey, we are in a new place... but mommy remembered that our other mommy, Susie, gave us "morning mealies" and she did the same "some for the road" is what she said. So, this is our picture after we had our morning yums. We're on our way to meet a very nice man, mommy says... so we will chat more when we get back. Mommy Susie, we'll call you later!

Glider kisses,

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hunny, we're home!

I just wanted to give an update on the status of the precious glider family that Blissy was so kind to pick up for me today in Indianapolis from our friend Susie. We meet up at the SGGA hotel in Cinci at about 5:30 - I was held up on the I-275 outerbelt connecting to I-71; so, I arrived 30 minutes later than I had expected (I had made great time right after work, but rush hour is so much fun in Cinci! To make a long story short, I also picked up some gliders for a friend, and they are all tucked in for the night in my daughter's bedroom.

I have recently adopted a glider family: mommy (Kiely), Kie (daddy), and Charlie, their four month old son. Once I got them home, I just let them relax a bit, but just as I was about to serve up dinner, I thought I'd better take a good peek, and man, did they crab (I thought I had the lights low enough), but once I dimmed them, WOW! PEACE! Kiely stuck her little nose out of her nestbox and looked at me. I offered to pet her, and she was so sweet! She let me pet her, and then decided to take a walk across my table, and I let her: she needed to stretch out a little. Dad stayed in his house, "the protector" but even he was as sweet as he could be. The surprise was "Little Charlie." Now, I'd been warned that he might be a rather feisty little fellow, but before I knew it, there was a WHOOOOSH! and Charlie was on my shoulder checking me out. He walked around to the other side, and was just like the little girl in "BeetleJuice" Nice... I could live here. and that was that. He just sat on me, and seemed like the happiest little fellow. I was sure he was "going to get me" somehow, haha, but it never happened! He even let John pick him up and hold him.

Susie, if you are reading this, your gliders are wonderful! Just as your little Tink was, when I got her from you about two years ago.

Tomorrow morning, we go in for a vet check, just to make sure things are ok. Updates will be posted later. For now, we're home, everyone's "chowing down" on some nice, fresh, home-made BML... from scratch, of course. John is an expert BML Chef. More updates to come, but for now, since I took a "scenic tour" through Dayton on my way home - cough - I think I'll call it a night and tuck myself in. I picked up I-75 instead of I-71.

Except for an unexpected 30-minute delay, this was a model railroad. Thanks Susie for your babies, they will get the best of care... Blissy, thank you for making this happen, you are phenomenal... and Megskiss... you are an amazing lady! Thanks for meeting up with me at this particular location!

Bourbon, as always... "Thank you for ALL that you do for our gliders and our glider community. "Glider world" is a better place with YOU in it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Support the Ann Arbor Annual Relay for Life!

My good friend Amie is working with the American Cancer Society to help make a difference. Please, take a moment to stop in and pay her site a visit and make a donation if you can. Unfortunately, I lost both of my grandparents to cancer (grandpa had colon cancer and grandma had breast cancer). We were told that if my grandmother could make it to her fifth year anniversary (after she had been through her treatments) that she would have an excellent chance for survival. Ironically, she passed away just about a week after her anniversary date. I still miss her terribly... both of them.

Just a few short months ago, I found out that a very close family friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, and we were told that he might have six months to a year - if he took his treatments. Well, there are no guarantees in life, but he is taking his treatments, remaining strong, and is living life to its fullest. I was so happy to see him again just last week. He lives in the Dayton area, and he loves to come over to go mushroom hunting. We have a pretty close relationship, and I do call him "uncle." When he fussed that he was losing his hair, I reminded him that he didn't have any to start with. He smiled, gave me a big hug, and said I was right. God, I love that guy, and I hope that he gets stronger and stronger. He's got the right attitude. While he was here, he nabbed 10 great big mushrooms on his visit over, which made him so proud. He gave them to my mother, who showed my daughter how to properly clean wild mushrooms and then how to fry them. The "mushroom gang" had quite a little feast! Now if only that darned turkey would just come out and "meet up with him"...

Life's short, guys, we all hear it... but we are so busy and involved in our own personal lives that, at times, we don't stop and think - or even really appreciate someone - until maybe its too late and they are gone.

I don't know who said it, but these are wise words: "Live every day as if it were your last - it might be."

Let's do what we can to support the American Cancer Society. Please take a moment to stop by and give what you can. Amie's link to Relay for Life.