Sunday, March 26, 2006

My boyfriend is in love with a Lycan!

What a beautiful day here this morning - all sunny and bright! I finally got some real sleep, and our little Chili is all better this morning! She's back to being her old self, and she's outside "surveying the property (she always does that... just walks around to make sure everything is "in order"). She walked over to Dewey, our Yellow Lab, and decided that she'd just tell him what she thought of him (she's an independent little dog, and she's never liked him too much, I think because she's so short, and she resents his majestic height). Dewey just looks at her, like "girl, what's your problem"?

Anyway, back to the story of the day: My boyfriend is in love with a wolf! That's right. I said a wolf. And not just any wolf... you see, he was out on a job the other day, and he met this wonderful couple who has two wolves. As soon as he saw them, he walked right over to say hello (he is a total animal person). Now, I'd never have had the courage to have done that, but John did - he just has a way with animals. Any animal (he must have a pure heart, indeed!). The wolves greeted him warmly and made no attempt to eat him at all (thank God). Later, he found out they were rescues.

Now, these were not just any wolves (and I dearly wish I had photos). These wolves were huge! One was part Timberwolf and Malamute and the other was part Siberian Wolf and Norwegian Elkhound. I can't remember which was which, but one of them loved to "talk" (now, the boyfriend is every bit of 6'1"), and this one wolf stood on his back legs and placed his paws on John's shoulders - and looked over his head (yes, John was standing). Now, that would have done me in right then and there, but John was loving it! The lady came outside and said, "Oh, my God! You are supposed to be afraid of them! No one has ever done that"! She could see these two were actually having a great time.

"John's wolf" was an incredibly beautiful animal, and a most impressive beastie. His canines were a full two inches long; his paws were as big as John's fists, and he "talked"! The wolf, while standing with his paws on John's shoulders, would make a snarling noise, and then snuggle up to him like a puppy! I only wish I could have been there to have seen this firsthand, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I could have handled seeing an animal of that size...

John hasn't stopped talking about the wolves since he came home, and if our circumstances were just right, I'm sure he'd have one of his own; however, they need space to run and roam, and although we have plenty of landspace - it would cost a fortune to totally enclose the property to protect the cattle across the road!

Majestic animals, indeed. John really hopes to go back to see the wolves, and if we do, I'll see if I can post some photos. Meanwhile, I am entertained with his marvels with his Lycan sweetie.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Remember: Stop in to see Suggie Rescue Resources so that we can help care for glider rescues! Items for the raffle can be seen here. Let's do what we can to make sure that glider rescues get the best in care. Neutering just one male can make a difference, and neutered males are easier to place in good, loving, permanent homes!

Hi, my name's Meg...

I see that our little island has been invaded by doggies, well, it's time to get this blog back on track; afterall, it is called "Glider Island."

Mom was teasing us last night, and she let us kill the feather teaser (those are the coolest toys!) and she thinks I may be expecting twins.

What do you think? Have I had one too many papaya treats, or... "BooBoo... have you ruined my "gliderly figure"?

Tommy Lee: The Min-Pin King
My name is Tommy Lee, and don't you forget it!

Just so you know, I am not a Chihuahua, either. Everyone always looks at me kinda funny and says "Oh, what a cute little Chihuahua - that's what it is, isn't it"? (that hurts my little feelings - it?). Mom always gently informs my "peekers" that I am a Min-Pin, which is short for Minature Pinscher, and no, I am not a "little Doberman" either, although sometimes I can be as ferocious as one - when it suits me.

Today, I was worried about my buddy, Chili, and when mom and dad brought her home, I was so relieved. I like to tease Chili, because I can sit in dad's chair, and she can't (I have longer legs, and I can jump). Well, it's time for a treat... I have to go get mom, she'll get mad when she finds me on her computer - and she thinks I sit quietly and do nothing while she's away?

Lord Oliver... you naughty little man!

What fussy little things sugar gliders can be! Oliver is quite an exceptional little pet. He's the only one of my gliders who will "faint" when he doesn't want to be bothered. At first, this scared me because I thought he had some kind of condition, but my vet assured me that he was fine and that he was more than likely just "playing possum" - he is a marsupial, afterall.

So, last weekend, he and his Lady Reese had a little love-spat, and I had to separate them. I was not altogether sure they were going to be able to get along. Oliver is a quite a hyper little fellow, but Reese is a laid back and take it, easy, hunny! kinda gal. Sometimes, Oliver will decide he needs to assert himself, and he'll occasionally "tell the guy off" who lives in the cage next door. When he gets "lippy", sometimes, Reese will go over and smack him (yes, I know, that's wierd), and then just "give up" and go back to her pouch, but they always got along well! They are much like Archie and Edith Bunker. He gripes and complains, and she will always be there for him, but suffer quietly... and retreat to her equivalent of "the kitchen."

But last weekend, Oliver was in the mood for love, and Reese said "no" - and he nipped her. I will not have that kind of behavior, and I was fully prepared to keep them separate if I had to. Well, that plan didn't work out. Oliver began to pout (for lack of a better term/explanation), and although he didn't stop eating... his appetite certainly decreased. Not good.

So, we began to let them play together, but we still maintained their separate cages. Reese kept the house, and Oliver, reluctantly, moved into his bachelor pad. However, the supervised playtime went well, and soon, they were scampering all over the place, playing hide and seek, chase and leap, and glide from place to place.

Once we put Reese in for the night, Oliver was still out wandering around, but he wouldn't leave her area. He just kept pacing around the cage standing on his tip-toes and peeking in her cage. I thought, "Hmm." Then, Reese came over and looked at him through the bars (just like Juliet pining for her Romeo), and I watched (I should have taken a photo!). Oliver began licking her face through the bars... I think that was his equivalent of saying, "Honey, I'm sorry... if you'll just take me back --" . . . so, we let him back in. They've re-kindled their flame, and they are, once again, getting along well again.

Chili, resting, after her meds
Beanie-Weenie, Chili Beanie!

Whew, what a day! We've had a busy morning here at our house for a Saturday. The weather has been crazy, the week has been incredibly long, our schedules have been totally insane - and we were just looking forward to some "quiet time" - but maybe, just maybe, "quiet time" is still a possibility!

First of all, just a little before 4:00 this morning, my little "Chili Bean" started crying - she was having another seizure. I raced to her, and we gave her 1.5 cc of her medicine, and she finally calmed down. Now, Chili is a beautiful little dog (3/4 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/4 Chihuahua) that I adopted from a lady who could no longer keep her. Chili is nine pounds of adorable feistiness! All of the energy and temperament of a Jack Russell packed into a Chihuahua!

Chili was about five months old when I first saw her. I wasn't looking for a dog... I was going to pick up a sugar glider (see posts below). While I was there, I noticed this adorable little dog that just went zoooooom right by me! I asked "Oh dear! What is that cute little thing?" because I had never seen a dog quite like that one. Chili almost looked like a "mini-Beagle" and, at first, I suspected she was part Beagle and part Dachsund. She sort of had the markings of a Beagle, but she was kind of long-waisted like a Dachsund. I was in love! Chili came to me when her owner called her, and that was that. She went home with me, all wrapped up nicely in a blanket.

Once we got her home, we noticed that she walked funny - her little "backend" just seemed "out of alignment" with the rest of her. That first night (and it was really late when we got back home) we thought Well, she is just a puppy, and these hardwood floors of ours are really slick, but the next day, we took her outside to romp and play, and it was the same thing. Chili walked funny - almost like a little flirt - wiggle wiggle to the left, wiggle wiggle to the right.

To make a long (sad) story short, we took our little Chili to two vets to see what was wrong with her: the first vet recommended "putting her down," but the second vet prescribed some Phenyl-Barbitol, and finally, Chili was better, and we were relieved! He cautioned us, though. He didn't want to prescribe any more medication than was necessary; so, we started out at 2 cc, and then adjusted the dosage until we determined her maintenance level. Finally, last summer, our little Chili was pretty much back to being a normal dog, and she had been weaned off her meds. All was well (well, at least there were no more seizures but she still walked funny - and surgery could not correct that). Her diagnosis: neurological damage and epilepsy.

Wow... I have a tendency to digress, but this is the background information on our Chili. We found out that Chili is sensitive to loud noises (thunder terrorizes her, which causes her to seize), but for the most part, she is just fine. However, the past couple of weeks, she's been changing: she's been having seizures, on average, about twice a week, and, at times, her eyesight appears to fail, and sometimes, it seems as if she can't hear us at all. We took her back to the vet for a check-up, and she is back on her meds again.

Our vet had hoped that Chili wouldn't have to be kept on a maintenance drug, but she will need her Phenyl-Barb at about 1.5 cc to 2 cc twice a day. Right now, Chili is resting comfortably... she's all tucked in and sleeping soundly.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring is here - and so is the snow! A tisket, a tasket, a glider in a basket...

Over the weekend, Reese, my "fluffy" glider and her mate got into a squabble; so, I have had to separate them for a little while. Oliver was "in the mood for love" and Reese wasn't; so, he nipped her. I've been giving them each a little space, and here's a picture Reese with her morning treats. Reese just loves her papaya treats from Suz Sugar Gliders! I placed a blankie in there because she doesn't want to go back to her pouch just yet. I think she likes "hangin' with mom" here on my desk.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hmm. I'm not sure why this can't upload with my post, but
"here it is - finally." Now, does anyone have a canoe?

Well, well, talk about "Glider Island" - that's about the truth of it here today. Southern Ohio is being hammered with thunderstorms, strong lightening, and LOTS of rain. This is what I woke up to:

"Your image has been added.

After clicking "Done" you can change your post and publish to your blog."

Grrr.... why isn't my photo uploading? It's sized correctly... I had this issue last time, too. I click "Done" and I'd expect to see something happen, but nothing happens. Picasa? Here I come!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

OK, so maybe I am might be just a little bit biased, but this is one of the best photos I have ever taken of my gliders, and I just had to share! This is my darling little Harley - after his morning playtime.

For glider lovers everywhere: please stop in to see Suggie Rescue Resources so that we can help care for glider rescues! Items for the raffle can be seen here. Let's do what we can to make sure that glider rescues get the best in care. Neutering just one male can make a difference, and neutered males are easier to place in good, loving, permanent homes!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gosh, we just love it when mom gives us a morning treat! It's just the three of us this morning, since AnnaBear just had to go out for a morning adventure, which is fine by us, 'cause we ate her treat! Meet my pouchmates, Baby B and Holden!

Um, hey guys, can one of you pass me a papaya?