Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow. Long time - no blog.

There have simply been too many bad, sad, and unfortunate (even downright criminal) things going on in my world. There has been no time for any leisure activities, or to even consider writing about my silly pets and their cool/funny pet stunts/tricks - or any other sort of commentary of any sort.  Since October 10th, everything has gone downhill. Fast.  It's ironic that October 10th was the date of my last entry. That's about the last time there was anything remotely normal going on in this blogger's life.  Unfortunately, I've hard to rehome some family pets, and I'm in the process of rehoming some of my sugar gliders now. Most of their stories have been detailed here on this blog . . .   I shall miss them a great deal, and the decision to rehome them has not been made lightly.  In fact, it was made over great heartache and tears; however, this is a necessary action.  One that is best for BOTH my family and me AND my beloved gliders.  I know they will be going to the best homes, and I will leave this blog open for anyone who has adopted my gliders to check in from time-to-time to let me know how they're doing, or to even share photos/stories.

Having said that, I'll be glad to see this year draw to a close and hope (and, yes, pray) for a better year next year.


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