Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's time to PARRRRRR-TY!!!

Especially after having had a long difficult pregnancy! This ol' girl has plans to go out and about this weekend, and what place could be more fun than The Dublin Irish Festival this weekend? I'm so psyched, I just can't stand it!

For me, the main attraction will be to see/hear Black 47 play again! I chanced upon this phenomenal band when I was at The Ohio Renaissance Festival one weekend a few years ago, and their sound just blew me away! Not to mention, this band was really cool! They were easily approachable and easy to talk to. I HAD to... just HAD to buy a CD, and I asked which was their best album, so my first purchase was Live in New York City! I fell hard and fast for every song on that CD, and I played it over, and over, and over again -- all the way home, much to the supreme pleasure (and many happy squeals!) of my daughter and niece. We had never had such a great time, and our favorite tune (at that moment, because ALL of them are incredible!) was "The Funky Ceili"! Now, I have to say, if you ever need to experience INSTANT THRILLS and unbridled happiness, you have GOT to hear "The Reels" -- damn, that man, Joseph Mulvanerty can play those
Uilleann pipes! I dare you to sit when he plays! It just can't be done. Now, I am no dancer, by any stretch of the imagination, but when I hear him play, I am up on my feet! I just can not wait until this weekend!!!!

Ironically, I have a set of these pipes, and Dad had them made and sent over from Dublin ages ago, but I haven't picked them up to SERIOUSLY try to play them since I was 18 years old. I am so ashamed of myself. We carefully unpacked this incredibly beautiful instrument, and dad helped me to strap it on, and I began to pump the bellows, adjust the air bag, and to hold the chanter (this is a very difficult instrument to play, by the way, and one should have very long fingers!). For myself, I play the flute, penny whistle, baroque recorder, and even the oboe (also a very difficult instrument to play). I was so excited to take it for a
"test play" with a song I knew pretty well. Dad was very pleased with my first attempt, and he asked me, "Cynthia, would that be 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley'? to which I replied, "No, Dad! That was 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'"... and I unstrapped the pipes and haven't touched them, seriously, since.

I stink, and I am so mad at myself. A few years ago, the last time I was at this festival, I met a pipemaker, Michael Vignoles, who patiently showed me a few tricks (he also teaches his visitors how to play the bodhran... I really need to get those pipes back out and try again!

Still, I love Celtic music, was born into it, and this is gonna be a wonderful weekend!

Larry, man, you and your band are damned fine, and I really need to sink my teeth into some Ulysses! Cheers! When the time is right, I hope to one day visit Dublin on one of your trips/tours!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July is the month for babies... er, I should say "joeys"!

Good grief, Charlie Brown, not only have we had a precious little baby girl, who we love very much, but we also have "little brothers" to play with, too. During my pregnancy, I kinda lost track of time, and as much as I support neutering sugar gliders (and I DO!)... my little Sinbad grew up much too fast, and he became a "man" while I was fussing with my own health issues and pregnancy. Remember, I didn't find out that I was pregnant until that first week in December, and I was about 2.5 months when I learned that! Sinbad came to me as a precious gift (who was supposed to have been a girl, lol) back then... and since he was such a tiny little bugger, I placed him in with my "young'uns" since they were all so close in age. Well, time slips away from me, way too fast, and with all of my own issues, I lost track of time. Before I knew it, Sinbad had had a love affair with my darling Alley... and then, (gasp) my own little Kristi Rose... so, now that I have had my baby (and she is doing fine!), little Mr. Sinbad goes in for his "snip snip" this Saturday... shhh, don't tell!

Here are pictures of his twin boys, who I teasingly refer to as my Sprout's little brothers. The WFG is a sweetie, and you can see he loves me! His brother is a fussy thing, and he has been crabbing this evening. So, without further delay, meet the boys!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Status Report: Home now for 10 days

Life is sure complicated and since we've been home, there's never been a dull moment. Drama here, drama there... drama, drama, everywhere.

I've decided when things come at you this hard and this fast, it's time to say "Enough!" so I got out a recipe from one of my dearest friends, and this ol' fat thing made herself a giant pan of "Peanut Butter Fudgelike Candy" -- and it's YUM!!!

Yeah, that's right, this old gal who avoids the kitchen like the plague, made a damned fine tray of candy... and it's mine.

When life comes at you fast just like that commercial that sells car insurance says -- STOP... take it slow and easy... and grab a sweet.

I can walk it off later, much later, once I'm healed up.

Here's the super yummy recipe, that's "So simple, a caveman could do it!"

Peanut Butter "Fudgelike" Candy

In a large microwaveable bowl, combine:

2 Sticks Butter or Margarine

2 cups of Peanut Butter

Cover with plastic wrap, poke holes in the plastic for venting

Microwave for 2 minutes on high

Remove bowl and stir

Return to microwave for another 2 minutes on high

Remove bowl from microwave and add:

16 oz. powdered sugar

Mix until mixture becomes thick, pour into a greased pan (glass or metal), place in the refrigerator until hardened.

Note: You may cover the fudge-like candy with waxed paper before chilling, but it is not necessary.

Recipe courtesy of my best gal, Chris... Girl, I love ya, and this candy hit the spot! It was PERFECT!!

Night, all!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Garnes checks out of "glider world" -- permanently. Here's why:

***** Begin quote *****

A comment by Sugeebaby, posted at USGN, on July 1st, 10:38 PM

"The baby shower that I had planned for Thrusday night has been cancelled. Since the guest of honor will not come no matter what. There is no reason to have it. So if you want PM and I will give you her address and you can send her your gift.You are all still welcome to come over and we can have a few drinks and some really good desserts."

and my reply, posted this morning: Today, 07:54 AM

"Sugeebaby, I can NOT come... Thursday night was NEVER a possibilty on MY side... even if Sprout HAD BEEN BORN on June 22nd... my four-week follow-up exam was not even SCHEDULED until July 27th... which is a Friday. Obviously, I appreciate all that you had planned to do, but you have to understand that I DO HAVE LIMITATIONS as to what I can, and can not, do at this point in my life. As much as we've talked, time and again, PMs, IMs, e-mails, incessant phone calls, when you kept me, literally, from falling apart during the worst time of my life in March.... YOU, of all people, I would have thought would have understood... obviously not.

I am very sorry that I have created a problem for all of you, and that I am "just too stupid to have gotten knocked up at age 43" (your words, Karen, on more than one occasion), and that I have had so many complications with this pregnancy. I've tried to let those petty comments fall by the wayside, because you have been my #1 for such a long time... but I just can't take anymore of this, and I am done with "glider world" forever.

To all that have been there for me, through all of this, God bless you all, and I am sorry that I have let, what seems like the entire "glider world" down, but I just can't take anymore of any of this. Effective today, I am canceling my memberships on ALL boards, and that will take some time, for sure, because I have been involved in so many.... Yes, that's it. That's my solution. Call me selfish, call me "stupid" (I got that part, Karen, clearly, on many occasions), and I've explained everything, time and again, and no one seems to be REALLY LISTENING to what I have been saying and going through these past few months. I can only do what I CAN do... not what everyone WANTS me to do...

So, again, I apologize for letting you all down. As you all know, as glider owners, pregnant females are supposed to be kept stress-free... I'm a person, and I just don't need the pressure that is being placed on me to attend the SGGA. I am only one person, and you would think the entire world would stop spinning on its axis just because I can't make it to the SGGA this year. Do you all, REALLY THINK that I would NOT love to come? As long as I have been in "glider world" I have been to not only the SGGA, but the GAGT, and I have tried, my best, to be the best "glider supporter" that I can be.

People, I have had ISSUES... and lots of them with this pregnancy, and I have missed A LOT of work, and UNPAID, too... to take care of them. I am only one person, and I can't handle all of this stress, and, honestly, I shouldn't have to. I have not been able to meet many of my OWN obligations here at home, and even sitting for any length of time is painful... I can't even drive to Columbus, which is only an hour away, without being laid up the whole next day, so, how in the world could I make it FIVE hours... and have any kind of quality time with my friends? The REALITY is... I'd have slept all the way through the weekend if I had made it up there. And the best that I COULD HAVE DONE... EVER... would have been to arrive early on a Saturday morning.

You all know that there is nothing definite with a pregnancy... especially since the baby hasn't even been born yet. Again, they were going to take her on June 22nd... that never happened because I had an infection.... HAD she been born on that day, my DOCTOR would not have seen me for a follow-up exam until JULY 27th!!!! And that is only MY appointment... Sprout would need to have seen a PEDIATRICIAN before I could even be allowed to travel (shots, immunizations, all that stuff). But, Karen, once again, you don't seem to "get that." You act is if I have been deliberately trying to just not show up, which I find insulting and offensive. I drove over 800 miles to go SGGA 2005... do you really believe that I wouldn't have tried my damnedest to make it to YOUR SGGA? You know how much I have loved you and our friendship.

I'm sorry that MY LIFE is just not convenient for your "time schedule."

Now, I am NOT parting with any of my gliders. They are my fuzzle-butts, and I love them dearly. The only two gliders that are going anywhere are Thing and Sweetie, who are rescues that were being rehomed to begin with. I have found them the best glider mommy that there is... and as soon as we can meet up, they will be blessed little angels... so don't anyone think that just because I am leaving "glider world" means that I am abandoning my gliders. I am not. The only thing that changes, right now, is my virtual existence in "glider world" -- and that -- I am voluntarily leaving, for good... just as I did before when I left GC.

I am closing this topic. My suggestion is to anyone who has been kind enough to think of buying something for Sprout and/or me... Please return it and make a donation in Sprout's honor (a.k.a. "Evey Lyn")... to the SRR!

Let whatever warm feelings that any of you have EVER had for me, or the warm wishes for little Sprout, at least benefit the love I have for gliders everywhere... let SOMETHING good come of this entire fiasco....

I will not be replying to any PMs... IMs... but if I am ever needed, you may contact me at: cyndi@glider-island.com. It will take some time to cancel board memberships, which I am in the process of doing now.

Good-bye "glider world" I wish you all the best...

Garnes, over and out."

***** End of quote *****

That's it... now, I am NOT abandoning my love for my sugar gliders, and I am NOT parting with any of them, but two (as stated above) as soon as I can realistically meet up with their new adoptive mommy, which were rescues: Thing and Sweetie. Their story and photos are detailed here in this blog... just do a search (top left corner) for "Thing and Sweetie."

If anyone ever needs my help to save a glider, I'm there for you... I just will not be present on the boards.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

SuperFreak's Adrenal Gland Disease is back

... and I am all torn up about this, and I don't know what I can do at this point.

Yesterday, I spent the day going over financials, and John and I were playing with our ferrets, Morrigan, Mab, and SuperFreak... well, SuperFreak was diagnosed with Adrenal Gland Disease August of last year.... they removed her left gland and sent it off for testing, and thank God, it was NOT malignant, just massively enlarged and grossly misshapen.

Back then, I was advised that there was a possibility that the other gland could also be affected... sadly, yesterday, I noticed that little Freaky's vulva was swollen once again. I am so depressed. She had the best of care with my vet, and she had been doing so wonderfully. She hadn't lost much hair, and what she did lose came back even fuller (but darker) than she had before.

She looks like the picture of health -- except for the tell-tale sign of her swollen vulva, which means that the Adrenal Gland Disease has her right gland now. Her weight is up, and she is just as spunky and lively as she ever was. I love my girl!

The surgery we had performed was very costly, and this time, I just can't do it... the finances are gone, completely, and with our new baby coming (maybe next week), my hands are tied and my options few. I just don't know what to do... she is not in any pain at this time, but God help me, I feel so powerless, and I just don't know what to do at this point.

She loves me, and I love her, and she has her buds to keep her company... my first thought was to find a ferret rescuer (and I know of one here in Ohio, HOFA, but this is her home, and I don't want her stressed even more by moving her to a new home... when these could be her last days...

With the new baby coming.... I just don't know what to do or where to turn right now... all I can think to do is to give her as much loving (and "freakin'") and as many treats as I can... she is my super hyperactive little love-child....

I hate this... I just don't know what to do....

What ideas could you share with me? I only want the best for my girl, but right now, I know that I don't have anymore options for another surgery.

Share your thoughts with me?