Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm tying the knot! Yes, that's right. I've *FINALLY* found the right one!

That's right. I've been searching for just "the right one" for the longest time - and something has always gone wrong. Every single time that I thought I had found "the right one", I was let down and felt so disappointed. Hope had just slipped away, and I felt as if "this just isn't meant for me." I soon began to realize that I would never find "security" or "the one who would make things last", and I nearly gave up; but, you know you can find anything on the Internet these days, right? Google sure helps a lot when you're lost in a sea of empty promises.

Nervously, I tried to find the perfect match for my unique needs - just one last time. "Maybe I'm being too picky or demanding", I wondered. But, here's how I found "the right one." You see, I've actually been searching for years, and I've had my share of prospects, but I've just never been able to find a good strong match.  Dad tried to help and my grandfather.  Both tried to show me how to get the right one, but it was all for naught. No one could help me find what I was looking for.

Let's blame (or thank!) this all on my little dog, Bella. You see, when I let my dogs out to potty, I used to just open the door and let them go - because they love to romp and give chase to one another - but a few times, they've wandered away, and this is very dangerous.  Quite a few times, I've had to hop into the car and call their names or stop by my neighbors' homes to ask if they'd seen them. Then, I wised up learned to take them out on a leash (like I should have been doing in the first place). This winter, though, has been so cold, and I've been sick quite a number of times; so, I cheated. I began to use retractable leashes that I could hook from inside the house (so I didn't have to step outside) and the dogs could go do their business. I bought Bella a nice one (and I was given a 50% discount, courtesy of Petland), but that was a one-time deal, and I didn't want to have to spend $28 for a replacement.

Long story cut short, Bella's leash got cut, accidentally, very close to the swivel hook, and I wanted to see if I could salvage it.  I needed a "MacGyver!"  I looked at the clasp. Damn. IT was solid plastic that looked like it had been "melted" onto the leash. I couldn't open it to make an adjustment. Figures. Then, I thought, "If I could just try a slip-proof knot, I'd have this matter resolved."   I did a Google search for a slip-proof knot, and I found a video "how-to" with a cool guy with a nice English accent. "Awesome!  Show me, baby, let these be the ties that bind!"  Well, that accent was too distracting (I kept wondering what he looked like), and the video was just a little too fast. I needed to be sure that I got this knot-tying thing just right - that it would last and withstand test after test of its resolve. So, I tried again. Swoooosh - there it is!  I got lucky!

Here's a frame-by-frame pictorial of The Grinner Knot.  Great!   That did the trick!  I learned how to tie this knot.  I've saved a few dollars, and I'll have a little more use out of Bella's leash.

This knot is meant to last!

What? What did you think I meant?

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Have fun!