Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time to bake some yums!

Wow!   I finally have some time over Spring Break to kick back, relax, and create a mess in the kitchen.  A few weeks ago, I resolved to try to eat healthier and to lose some weight.  Now, we've always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with my schedule (I'm up as early as 5 a.m. - or earlier), and with a new baby in the house and a long commute (100 miles a day), I just don't take the time to make a breakfast.  For me, weekends are time for breakfasts.  Anyway, I've bought the "Dr. Oz" book, and I've been researching healthy recipes.

Now, in order to be fair, here's the link to the recipe, in case you'd like to make them for yourself. I've been baking on weekends and freezing muffins by the batch, that way, I can just take one out of the freezer, plop it in the microwave for about 35 seconds, and "poof" - instant breakfast. These are also healthy and nutritious since the recipe comes from!

Savory Breakfast Muffins

This was quite the recipe.  At one point, while I was mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, I became very discouraged, and I almost tossed the whole thing out.  But, I kept at it, and everything mixed well.  This makes a really thick mixture!  Usually, I'm much too impatient for this sort of thing, and I hate greasing and flouring the pans, but I also bought some silicone baking cups  and an oil spray can from Kitchen Collection, and I had fun while making my mess. I filled my spray can with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that thing worked great! No more wasting money on that PAM stuff! Plus, I save space in landfills. I can't wait until these muffins cool down, and if they turned out well, I'll make a second batch.

Success! These things taste just like a "Western Omelette"!

This was my first time using the silicone baking cups (I was skeptical, and I was sure they'd melt - silly me). Anyway, today's baking went well! Time to make that second batch.

Have a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Help! A "Floor Monkey" is on the loose!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sugi and Tink's Morning Show

Warning: "Baby talk" accompanies this video. I just can't resist it when I am playing with my gliders, but that's my only flaw, since I'm practically a perfect person in every other way.

Sugi and Tink are my first two gliders. I wish I had a real digital camera with video capabilities since my PDA phone, the HTC PPC-6800 from AllTel, is a just little hard to handle while feeding gliders (you know how active they are and the buttons are hard to get to, since I am not left-handed). Still, my phone was easily accessible and didn't require a hook-up like my digital video camcorder does. Gliders move too fast to deal with an elaborate setup at this early hour!

This video is kind of choppy and the lighting is off, but this was taken pretty early in the morning, even before coffee! When the gliders first woke up, they were hanging upside down on the outside of their pouch before I could get the phone ready. That would have been a priceless pic/video had it taken because, as they climbed out of their pouch, it was still swinging - and all of them were hanging on! My Sugi Dynasty is really a colony of clown gliders. Total clowns - complete goofs! I hate when I lose a good shot. Grrr.

Still, the babies are happy and playful, and they wondered what Lestat's issue was this morning (this video was taken right after Lestat's grand adventure), and it was one thing right after the other, and then, Sprout demanded her bottle! I only just recently had time to upload their video and edit.

Lestat, the brat, is on the prowl!

It's a lovely Saturday morning in my little house, and I thought I'd sleep in. Ha! Lovely thought, but not a reality! John had to go to work early this morning, and I heard him thumping around, so I got up to see him off, and I went right back to bed. Sprout was still sleeping like a log, and, at this point, my odds of sleeping in for up to another two hours was looking pretty good. But, no sooner than my head hit the pillow and I got all snuggled back into my warm little spot, I heard it. Fussing. Glider fussing. Crab, spit, spat, splunk. OK, I had to see what the matter was, so I got back up to check out the situation.

Beaky is stuffing her little face, and she's being a good girl. Sinbad's Sweeties are all angels (as are Herbie and Callie, who sleep in my room); BooBoo's Bunch is still pouched; The Sugi Dynasty is all hunkered into one corner of their cage (trying like the dickens to see what is going on in the cage next door in EITHER the Victor and Viggo cage OR the trio's cage), and Victor and Viggo look calm, but curious, and they are in the top corner of their cage looking up. That kinda narrowed it down: Someone is mad in Magnus, Lestat, and Louis's cage. Hmm. What could be going on?

For whatever reason, Louis and Lestat are mad at Magnus, and they chased my pretty little man around the cage. I had to break them up if I was going to TRY to go back to sleep (temporary cage was at the ready, just in case). Now, these are sons of Sinbad, and Magnus is the spitting image of his daddy, and just as cute and lovable, but since they woke me up, I decided there would be no mealies for these little oinkers until I could get Magnus out since they were all being such weenie heads. Now, mind you, there's no meanness here amongst these boys, just noise, and they were making enough noise to keep me from going back to sleep. I take sleep very important, you know. As I opened the door, with my pouch in hand (from Auntie Amie - Khyricat), all three boys fell in love with that pouch and started playing with the shoulder strap. Silly boys! They weren't really mad, just restless, and evidently, ALL working together to keep me from sleeping in!

I reached in to get Magnus, and Lestat jumped out! Poooof! He went right over to Reese and Oliver's cage and looked in at them. Reese doesn't care, she's laid back, but that set Oliver off (Oliver is always too easily excited), and then, Lestat zoomed up to look into Sugi's cage, and that made ALL of them mad (they're my first glider colony, and they know THEY are "the stuff"). As I reached for him, Lestat jumped over to Beaky's cage, who just looked at him with the oddest little expression like, "Little Dude, what's wrong with ya? Ya lost, little pal?", and she lost interest in him and then returned to her food bowl. Lestat, intrigued by this nonchalance, looked a little closer at her, and then jumped to the other side of her cage and she stopped eating and went over to look at him, closely. They sat that way for about five minutes, and since she had recently lost her mate, I just watched them. Normally, Beaky is kinda bossy, and I was stunned that she'd not given him a "good old-fashioned talkin' to" (because she's done that with every other glider, but Reese), and I thought, "Hmm. If I were to neuter him... could he be her cage buddy?" (since she'd recently lost her cagemate, Peepers), and just as quickly I dropped that notion, since he's not a year old yet (and even neutered, the mating instinct is still there, and Beaky doesn't need that annoyance/risk), I discounted that notion because she IS a senior citizen, at close to 10 years old.

Anyway, Lestat bounced off (he's a floor monkey) and over to my writing desk, and then he scampered over to my bar globe and rested near my rum. The little bugger! That made it impossible to get to him without waking up Sprout, because her Big Circus Exer-Saucer was right in front of it, and her crib is right there, too!

So, here I sit, waiting for that little boogerhead to come out of that area. I'm NOT going to wake up Evey in order to get to Lestat. He has me right where he wants me, and he's having the time of his little life.

Magnus and Louis are snugged back up, so now I know who the stinker was. I'm going to make a pot of coffee and wait this little bugger out. When I do get my hands on him, I am so going to noogie his little head, and then he will be pouched with me, all day, lol, and I'm gonna rub his tummy until - he decides to LET me.

Life with gliders is NEVER dull! Here we are after he decided to pouch himself (ok, so I motivated him a little). We're all snuggled up in our chair now. Ahh... what a peaceful Saturday morning - now!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Blizzard Day - March 8th, 2008

Yesterday, school dismissed two hours early due to the nasty weather that was rapidly moving into our area. Getting home wasn't too bad, but it was time-consuming, and I did see several cars off the road. Thankfully, with my new tires and brakes, I was pretty confident and I just took my time. Sprout "ooh'd and goo'd" from the backseat because this is her first real snowfall, which she faced with wonder and excitement!

Here's the morning view from the back porch, taken this morning, after the Level 2 Blizzard Warning had been issued.
It's still snowing here in southern Ohio, and we're not going anywhere this weekend. Oddly, The Ohio State University is closed today, along with other major places of interest in Columbus, Ohio. Back here in the hills, we have the perfect prescription for nasty weather: the pot roast is in the slow cooker, the bread is rising in the bread machine, and the hot cocoa is yum! Sprout is taking a nap, Andrea has made a brief cameo appearance (and went back to her room), and Herbie & Callie have been out and about (munching on mealies). It's time to kick back and relax and enjoy the snowfall - there's no shortage here! Snowball fight, anyone? Snow angels? How about a little George Harrison and a little "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)". What a beautiful Saturday morning!

Looking at the picnic table, I think we have at least 6 to 8 inches of snow already... let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!