Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye, sweet Peepers

My fat little Peepers is gone. She came to me as a rescue, along with her cagemate, Beaky, about May 2006. Their full story is located here.

Generally, in the mornings before I leave for work, I give all of my gliders their morning mealies. The morning of the 26th was no exception. I was waiting on Peepers to move her fat little butt, but she was sleeping in. I checked her pouch, and she was all curled up, sleeping, or so I thought, I wondered why she didn't fuss at me, and I pulled her out of her pouch. She was cold, but still limp, so I think she just passed in her sleep. Beaky was snuggled up in the other pouch, crabbing her head off, when I went to check on her.

One thing I did notice is that all of my gliders had been getting up a little earlier the past couple of nights (bad weather, maybe, and we have yet another snow day today). I noticed Peepers was really drinking a lot of water, and I thought that kind of strange, but she seemed fine in every other way: She was her normal frisky fat little self. I'd played with her the night before, and she seemed fine. She and Beaky had gobbled their HPW down and licked their plates clean, and all seemed well.

The only thing that I can figure is that this was just old age. When I picked up the girls two summers ago from a ferret rescue organization (who didn't know much about gliders, and they were seeking to find a glider rescue operation in Columbus, Ohio), I contacted them and I told them that although I was not a licensed rescue facility, that I had gliders, and that I would see to it they'd get the best of care. The lady who had had them said they were previously owned by a college boy, I think she said, and that he'd surrendered his ferrets to her as well. She knew they were older when she got them, and she believed they were about 7.5 - 8.5 years old, and I've had them for two years. She wanted to place them in a glider knowledgeable home, and her one concern was that, since they were so old, that one would pass away and leave the other one lonely. Sadly, that happened, here, on February 26th. I do have other gliders, and I will see if I can introduce another girl to Beaky so that she won't be lonely. Only time will tell how this will work out.

Beaky has a very strong tendency to overgroom her eyebrows, but otherwise, she is a small, but feisty little girl, but Peepers was the total opposite. Peepers was a fat little lovebug, and she loved crawling around all over the floor. I'd taken Peepers to my vet to have her all checked out because she had a funny eye, which I thought might have been a cataract, but he said it was a "droopy third eyelid" kind of like a, stretched out tear duct. Well, you can see it in her photo below. She didn't really see too well this past year, and I'd noticed I'd have to handfeed her the mealies by tickling her nose with it, then, she'd reach out and grab them and gobble them right down.

She was a good old girl, and her cagemate, Beaky, is going to be lonely. I never was able to successfully introduce them to my other gliders - as a pair. If one would get along with another pair, then, the other wouldn't. Beaky was actually attacked once, by Oliver, and she went through a long period of rehab. Again, all of that is posted on here as well.

For now, Beaky is getting all the lovin' I can give her, including extra food for comfort. I'm kind of undecided as to what to do. Since I have over 20 gliders, I can maybe pull another girl out from another cage, but I'm not sure if that's so cool because I have bonded colonies, and I don't want to make any of those gliders unhappy. I just don't want Beaky lonely. I'll have to think long and hard on that to see what I can do there.

I never did know if Beaky and Peepers were sisters, mother and daughter, or unrelateds, but Peepers is at peace now, and she was my good old girl. She was pretty laid back, but she had NO PATIENCE for other gliders. She was as lovable as could be to us, but she just didn't like being around, or with, the others. I was kinda surprised, but she'd CHASE them when we had supervised playtime, and that would stop everything. That fat little girl could really move, and I found that very surprising because she just seemed like she'd rather not.

Good-bye Peepers. We will miss you... very much.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Formula One CHAMPIONS now in NASCAR?

What the hey? Why step down from world championship racing to just drive around in circles? I don't get it. Not at all.