Thursday, June 29, 2006

"SGGA Donation Challenge: Buckeyes vs. Wolverines!

YIPES! The SGGA countdown is well on its way, and this is just a little reminder to those who have been sitting back and thinking about maybe making a donation, but haven't - yet!

I am still taking donations for "The Home Team" - Scarlet and Gray - ALL THE WAY!

No contribution is too big - or too small - and anyone donating to the Buckeye Bag will be FULLY CREDITED for his/her donation!

VENDORS: Got a new product and want to "get it out there and BE SEEN"?

Try me... I'll get YOUR PRODUCT noticed!!

Send an e-mail to: for shipping address information - or meet me at the SGGA Hotel to save on shipping and save your hard-earned dollars for the SGGA!

PS: I don't believe in deadlines, hehe... I'll take anything right up until the LAST minute, and who knows, I might even "slide into home" with a real doozy!

Don't count this old gal out - not just yet ;)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UPDATE: Beaky and Peepers

Well, well, well, lookie who is eating their yums all gone and being good! Beaky and Peepers! I've been following Bourbon's and Cycy's advice, and these two little rescues are settling in nicely. Here's their plate. See, no leftovers!

Last night, I gave each of them a "full size" portion" of their BML and veggies, and they made like Houdini and "made it disappear."

We began by limiting them to just a few select veggies and smaller servings of BML. I would offer them BML, served as a licky treat, once in the morning, and then again in the afternoon, to build trust and familiarity with this new diet. This is an excellent procedure, and it aids in the bonding process, too. Beaky is still a little crabby, but Peeper has a "take me, hold me, feed me, and LOVE me" philosophy!

For more information on the BML Diet and bonding tips... and introducing gliders, check out All 4 Gliders.

Thank you, Bourbon and Cycy for your endless support in helping me get these little rescues all settled in.

PS: Thanks to Sugeebaby, Tmarie, and Anita... these little girls (and my other gliders, too!) have a new Stealth Wheel to play in this evening.

I love the sugar glider community... I'd be lost without them. Thank you ALL for all that you have done...

Monday, June 26, 2006

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Why must I communicate everything in song lyrics? One of my bad, no, strange (yes, strange is a better word choice, I believe) habits - and yes, I have many.

Ok, to the point, Garnes, I can hear it now, so here we go. The SGGA is coming up, and many of you have already read about the SGGA from my previous blog (hit my archives if you've missed it). I love my gliders, A LOT! Sometimes, it's all that I seem to talk about (so say the family and friends). WOO HOO! An international glider meeting, and I get to meet everyone I've ever gabbed to about gliders! YEAH! Last year was my first SGGA (again, all posted in the archives about the mischief I got myself into), and I just can't wait for this year's SGGA, too.

Mischief, I swear that is my middle name! Read my "The Ohio State University Crabbing Gliders versus the University of Michigan Barking Wolverines" post if you don't believe me. I mean, really, ME... challenging Sugeebaby, of The Pampered Glider... to a SGGA Donation Raffle Item? ME? I'm a hack... and Sugeebaby, she is a professional seamstress/designer! How did I NOT "think about this" before I shot my big mouth off? See? Impulse, spontaneity... and my hyperactivity get me into more trouble than I know what do with - still - it's a GRAND IDEA... hehe. I love ideas. They are FOOLPROOF. It's the implementation that I have problems with, lol.

OK, so, all of THAT is kinda like Charlie Brown saying "Hey, Michael (Jordan) - care for a little game of one-on-one?" Does LMAO mean anything to you? I may as well because that I have plenty of, lol... oh, dear... this is ENOUGH mischief for anyone: I tell you, the things that I get myself into... but I digress - again.


Anyway... where was I, oh, yeah, right here in the middle of a GREAT BIG SELF-MADE MESS, haha. So, Karen and I are great buds, and she lives all the way up there in that state that must not be mentioned - but starts with an "M"; so, I don't get to see her very often. She even had a get-together in May, and for whatever reason, oh, yeah, it was close to the last week of school and I was up past my EYEBALLS in papers and grading... (why, oh why, did I wanna become an English teacher, I fretted (no regrets, I love it, but well, I wanted to hang with my buddies, but that just wasn't the weekend to do it)). Soooo... Karen, invited me up for a weekend after school was out, and I was pleased as punch to get to see her again. I love picking on her, and well, a face-to-face "bugging" is as good as it gets...

OK, I was SUPPOSED to leave home at like 8:00 or 8:30 am, but nooo, that just wasn't possible. A longer and even "boring-er" story (yes, I know that's non-standard English, but this is my blog, so there), and I will not get into all of that (you are welcome, haha, I heard that!). Suffice to say that I left home at... um. OK, it was about 3:00 pm. NOT GOOD. My God, how I get on my own nerves. Anyway, travel is not easy when you have as many pets as I do (and for you faithful readers, you haven't even met my ferrets or my hermit crabs yet)... so I thought I was doing good to even get out at 3:00!

A little background information, as if you don't have quite enough: I tease Karen about us being "The Odd Couple." That's right. That old 70s sitcom... I'm Oscar, and she's Felix. I'm "creative" in my organizational strategies, a true Pisces... I LIVE in chaos, and I like it that way. Ok, so I make myself a little cranky when I can't find my shoes in less than 10 minutes, but that's me. Karen, on the other hand, is PERFECT. A true Virgo. I mean, I admire her MANY abilities... she is incredible. I wish I could be that "together" - but if I were - I'd explode.

So, I grab all my essentials, heck, I even made my travel pouches right before I left, because Sugi gnawed holes through my favorite ones... ok, so that is part of the reason I was a "little" late, but darn it, I "dun good" on them - given the circumstances: a devil-possessed sewing machine, a time-challenged chick, and well, um, a few other disorganizational issues...

Whatever. I get my gliders, my essentials, and we take off. I called her when I hit the road (as promised - and secretly hated myself for being such a boob), and I told her to not hold dinner for me - but Saint Karen did, of course, and we had it the next day. Perfect EVERYTHING: a scrumptious roasted pork loin. Heck, that sweetheart even got HUMMUS for me, and a loaf of French bread, which I adore, and I ate all by myself... Bad me. She even had my favorite drink. Ice cold. Perfect, but that's Karen. *insert sincere smile here*

I got there, ok? Hours later, and with all of my gliders, their foodstuffs, pouches and waterbottles... but I left their toys and their Wodent Wheels (their favorite toy, actually - bad me - because they were firmly attached to their cages and I was in a BIG HURRY to get out of the house, and I was packing light. Right. With 20 sugar gliders, a big man, and a super cute kid). But it was just a weekend trip, and I didn't think they would mind too much.

Karen, Andrea, and I had a great weekend, and we worked on pouches for the SGGA, and blah blah blah while the guys hung out outside and discussed "guy things." All was great dandy, but HOW I got there was a nightmare. Karen noticed that. Felix that she is -- and she told me last week that she was sending me a box, and that I would get it on Monday. I thought, "Um, ok, must be SGGA stuff we need to finish" and I let it go at that.

Well, hey, school is out, right? John had the day off, and we went on a daytrip today, and I THOUGHT today was Saturday. Hello? Teacher here. Out for the summer. Do I notice or really care what DAY OF THE WEEK this is? Heck no. Time is irrelevant on summer breaks - the way life oughta be! Yeah!

So, when we pulled into the drive, I noticed this HUGE BOX sitting ON my house... (ok, so it was a huge box, and only on a chair on my back porch... but the point is that it was HUGE!) Hehe, I like being overly dramatic sometimes. snickers

I asked John, "What is that, did you order something?" He said, "Yes, I did a little shopping" and I am thinking to myself, Whoa, man, he got me a BIG present! Last time he did that, I got a cool XM Satellite Radio, SkyFi2 - portable sound - good for in the car and in the house... WOOOO! I am a big kid, sure, I'll admit it, and I charmed by goodies!

He lied.

We looked at the return address, and then it hit me! That Sugeebaby! I thought she said EIGHT pounds... as in Super 8, The Magic 8-Ball... "Eight is Enough", etc... this box as 18 pounds!! 1-8 ... almost 20 pounds! What in the world?!?

Of course, I ripped that box open like a giant kid at Christmas. "What in the--? A NIKE bag?" God, I know I need to exercise, eat right, and take Geritol twice a day, but really? And I wear REEBOKS® Oh, shhh. Nike is cool, that's ok.... I thought, Karen loves me, and she has sent me a TENT... that sleeps like 10 people... we must be camping out for the SGGA.... (dig, dig, root, root). What? What IS all of this stuff? Stealth Wheels?? FIVE OF THEM? Gawd!! (dig, root, poke, lift, peek, peek). Play gyms?

I stood there. Stunned. Cool, I thought, we are OBVIOUSLY working on some kinda new project for rescues or something (I have taken in a few lately), and although this was something that we haven't yet discussed, oh, well, whatever, cool! I have plenty of time on my hands... hehe, since I am SLOW to get started on my Buckeye Bag Challenge project (silly procrastinator that I am). I am going to hate myself for that, I know... I KNOW.

So, her instructions, handwritten inside the box - so I can't miss them - said, "CALL ME WHEN YOU GET THIS FOR INSTRUCTIONS." Ok, done deal.

WOW!! I tell you, that Karen, she BLOWS ME AWAY, and I thought that I was the one who was always a "little over-the-top"! She, and Tonia (Tmarie of Gliders Anonymous), along with that fabulous Anita of SugaRae's Attic... together... worked on this project to get "yours truly - and all of my 22 sugar gliders" to the SGGA - IN HIGH STYLE!

I was stunned... touched... and deeply moved by this overwhelming show of generosity, and I hate to admit it, but those gals made this "tough old bird" cry. Cry. Yes. There. I went and said it - and my makeup even looked good today, too, darn it.

Karen, Tonia, and Anita... thank you ALL for this incredibly generous and MOST UNEXPECTED surprise. My gliders and I thank you from the bottom of our soft, tender, little fuzzy hearts - with mealies on the side!

Thank you. See you at the SGGA "stylin' and profilin'"!!!

Much love,

PS: For giggles, here I am in with my new haircolor... you all deserve at least a good chuckle before bed... and it isn't really THAT orange...

All is well!

Today's Dog Report: No escapees! Whoopee!!!

Today's Glider Report: Everyone ate well last night, but BooBoo slept in his bachelor pad because he was bothering Evey. Bad BooBoo.

Poof. I'm gone for a daytrip. Ta!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


What a rascally girl. Baby finally came home yesterday afternoon. I swear, that dog just can't behave herself. She likes to run free because she got used to it when she stayed with granma, and when Fang "springs her" - off she goes. With close to 200 acres - the old girl got spoiled over there. So, thankfully, she only went to the top of our 17 acres, and she decided to hang out with the neighbor up on top of the hill. Once she got her visiting out, our neighbor lady brought her home. Baby was sitting in the front passenger seat (anytime we'd go out, that's where she'd sit, the front seat, or have a pout). Anyway, the good news is that she was HOME! Her area was, once again, secured, and that brings me to today's Dog Report.

Guess who was sitting out on the back porch again this morning? Mr. Fang! Gawd. What are we gonna do with this little feller? So, we take a look up at the kennel - and is Baby anywhere to be seen? NO! Damn. Grrr. This is getting old. Before I got my first cup of coffee, I slipped into my "dog catchin' suit" and hopped into the van to head up to my neighbor's house. Before I got to the end of my drive, there she was, Baby coming towards me at a full run. THANK GOD!

Hmmph. Well, Fang and Dewey are fine when out of the kennel. They stay put. Baby, the rebellious Boxer can not. Right now, Miss Baby the Runaway is inside until I can figure out just what to do.

Yeah, country life. Simplicity! HA!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Country livin' is the life for me!

There's nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning with a fresh cool breeze blowing through the bedroom window... fresh coffee... ahhh! Can life be so grand? Simple things, people. Life is all about the simple things...

So, as I mosey into the kitchen for my lovely mug of coffee (cream, with extra sugar please, and the spoon has to stand up by itself, ok?)... "Damn!" John shouts. Uh oh. He never does that unless it's something bad. "Now what?" I ask... and then I see it. There sits Dewey, our Yellow Lab, on the back porch, which, is no problem since we left him out last night because he's a good boy and can be trusted; but, there is Fang, too. Now, Fang had been "tucked in" for the night in his kennel, and he had escaped three times yesterday (each time by a completely different method). Not good. This makes #4 but at least he is with Dewey on the back porch. I look up to the kennel and fully expect to see Baby, our Boxer. ABSENT! That darned Fang has shown Baby how things are done. I can just hear his pitch now: Buy Fang's Escape Plan, which can be yours for ONLY four doggy treats - satisfaction guaranteed - but the treats don't come back.

Damn, indeed.

Sigh. Nice leisurely morning - NOT!

I call the neigbors... voicemail. I call the Dog Warden - BINGO! I gave them a complete description, her name, and how anyone who calls her is in danger of being licked to death because Baby is a very friendly and playful old girl. She's about eight years old.

No matter how "escape proof" you think a containment system is, I do believe it's the dog's purpose in life to find a way to get out. I can just hear it now, their theme song: "I Want to Break Free" (that Freddie Mercury... can there ever be any other performer to reach that particular level of "WOW-ness"? Queen. I love their stuff; but, I digress (as I usually do).

When dogs are "at-large" in the country - they can be be anywhere; so, it's not a matter of just hopping in the car and going for a drive (although we have done that in the past - and will again - on the off-chance). Baby is a highly energetic girl, and last time, she was over four miles away... so, imagine that. Four miles, in any given direction, with about an eight hour lead (she evidently got out in the middle of the night).

Baby... girl... come home. Last time you went on "your little vacation", I worried myself sick, but I finally found you by posting up "LOST: Baby the Boxer" sheets with your photo everywhere I could, and I offered a reward. You weren't able to come home to me then because someone was going to keep you, and you were penned up (but instead they chose to do the right thing). Please. Just be safe. Wherever you are.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Beaky and Peepers with the munchies...

Meet the girls!

I'm so proud of these girls! They are doing so much better with their dietary changes, and they love their BML licky treats, and their "BML veggie dip" (which is nothing more than me dipping a pea into the BML and handing it over). Here are a few pix of this delightful little duo!

WOO HOO! Great news - all the way around!

The neuterings: BooBoo and Charlie

The boys went in for their morning "snip" and are well-rested. Both are doing absolutely fine with ZERO complications. Just the way things should be. Both were offered an afternoon mealie treat because that seemed only proper. I asked my vet how they did, and BooBoo was a total sweetheart. No problems at all. Not even a crab; however, little Charlie, haha, oh dear! I was told that he had quite a lot to say, and that he crabbed his little head off. No nips, no bites. He just didn't want to be bothered, haha. My poor little guy... anyway, all is well for the boys!

The rescues: Beaky and Peepers

Even more good news! Wow, this has been a truly wonderful day! Last night, I offered the girls their BML as a licky treat, and I handed them each a BML-dipped pea. They LOVED that! I held them awhile, and (yes, I know, I am probably spoiling them) then I offered them a BML-dipped nip of corn, and they loved that, too! When I checked their plate this morning - it was nearly clean. YES!!! They are eating, and they are being cute and lovable to boot.

The Escape Artist: White Fang

Well, well, our newest puppy let himself out for a romp this morning. We caught him outside his kennel taking a leisurely morning stretch out by the recently felled catawpa tree (we still need to saw that one up, but the chainsaw is "frozen" - we think the clutch slipped or something). There he was, in all of his majestic fuzziness... all sprawled out... lazily staring at us as we had our morning coffee. White Fang. Silly boy. Before John left for work, he walked Mr. Fang back up to his kennel/den, checked and repaird his escape hatch, and then went off to work.

Well, well... just as I was just getting ready to leave to pick the boys up from the vet's office, who did I see sitting out on the back porch? Mr. Fang, who had, once again, liberated himself. Well, now what is a girl to do? I had to get the boys, and Fang does not "ride nicely" so taking him with me was not an option (not without a giant crate). I knew that if I were to put him back in his kennel/den that he would only get out the same way he just had... and I didn't have time to go investigate the barn and FIX the darned place. Since I was only going 10 miles away, and I knew I'd be back within the half hour, I staked him out near the back porch free and clear of any entanglements, and I told him to be a good boy. I picked up the boys, hurried home, and as I pulled in the driveway, I didn't see Fang anywhere. Boy, was I mad! I thought, "Great, now what I am going to do? Drive up and down the road and call out for the sil---" . . . and there he was. Mr. Fang, ever the dutiful son, was all sprawled out on the back porch! I was so thrilled to see him that I bounced out of the car and gave him a good old-fashioned belly rubbing!

All of my furry kids make mom so proud!

John came home, and once again, repaired this last "escape hatch," which was a totally different Fangism... my little fellow is an engineer! He's remodeling his den, but, for now, all is well!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Meanwhile, the Kiely Clan is...

Doing fabulous! Remember, Kiely came to me with a dislocated right hip, and she has been taking her meds: PediaPred and Neo-Calglucon like a little trooper (this funny little girl actually LIKES taking her medicine). She, her husband Kie, and their son, Charlie, are a delightful trio, and they are so active! cough. You see, Kie was neutered only last Friday (perhaps I mentioned that in a previous entry), and he is totally "back to normal."

Laser surgery is the way to go for neutering gliders if you want my opinion. Healing time was nearly instantaneous, at least with Kie... and he is just fine. Amorous, even. Good thing I got him neutered! He and Kiely have woken me up a couple of nights. Tsk tsk.

As a side note, my last intact adult male, BooBoo, will be neutered this Friday; then, I only have to worry about my male joeys: Charlie, Victor, and Viggo, and my "neutering project" is complete.

Beaky and Peepers playing hardball...

My two newest gliders are being "tough little cookies" because they aren't eating well. Granted, they are rescues, and I would expect some "settling in" issues; afterall, they have a whole new setting, etc. They were on the Mazuri diet before my bringing them home, and I was told they loved peas and dried fruit, but I wanted to get them on a more balanced diet - but they are resisting, which is surprising to me since all of my other gliders readily took to the BML diet.

To recap: I brought them home Saturday, June 17th, and I offered them each one tablespoon of BML and one tablespoon of veggies. Virtually nothing had been touched when I checked their bowls on Sunday. Hmm. Ok, just settling in, I would expect "not clearing the plate for maybe a day or two."

Sunday, June 18th was Father's Day; so, I went to visit with my parents, and I left them alone to settle in (knowing that I would be gone only a few hours). That night, I offered them the same diet, and I hoped for better results and went to bed.

Monday, June 19th. Time for me to attend my professional development coursework, and I knew I would be gone all day. I went into their room to check on them, and lo and behold... what do I see in their foodbowls? Almost ALL of what I had left there the night before. A few "spitballs" indicated they had "tasted" their food, but "passed" on the rest. Not good, but, they have been through a major change; still, I was beginning to worry - these little girls needed to eat! So, before leaving for the morning, I offered a Mazuri biscuit, one each, soaked in apple juice, and I left for the day, and I hoped for the best. When I got home, I went in to check on their bowls, and although the biscuits had broken down in the juice... virtually nothing had been touched. Ok, this is really not good; so, I offered them a few mealworms (mealies). Those girls inhaled those mealies in no time flat! OK, at least they had something in their little tummies, but that was a start.

Now, time gets a little messed up with me (and to those of you who know me well, I can hear you laughing, so "shhh"), and this week has been a little "odd." I've had some medical issues of my own, which were a little scary, but, hey, bottom line, I'm ok (I had an EKG, an oxygen test, and I still need the chest x-ray, blah, blah, blah). Anyway, as best I can recall - this is "their diet journal."

Last night, I am chatting with a close friend about these dietary woes, and so we thought we would try a reduced amount of BML and veggies. They are "nibbling at" their food, but still not eating it all. I find this really strange because ALL of my other gliders have gobbled down their BML and have not been nearly as fussy as these two girls.

So, here's a picture of last night's dinner leftovers. I have not offered them anything before leaving today. No Mazuri, no mealies, no "nothing" now that sounds harsh, but we are hoping that this new strategy will get the girls to eating what is good for them.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome home, Beaky and Peepers!

I just took in two rescues yesterday, two girls, Beaky and Peepers. The girls are estimated (by the lady I got them from) to be about seven years old. The lady who had them is a foster home for a ferret rescue organization in Columbus, Ohio: Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue. She joined our Ohio Sugar Gliders group, and made her post asking if there were a glider rescue facility in Ohio. The only one that I knew of was Dottie Schira's Out of Love Sugar Glider Rescue up around the Cleveland area, but that was a good three to four hours drive to place a rescue, and I wasn't sure if they would be able to make connections. Since I live only an hour away from Columbus, I contacted this lady, and I picked the girls up late yesterday afternoon.

The girls are reserved, but friendly. No offers to bite. Right now, I have them in a separate room so they can adjust to a new home. I totally cleaned and disinfected their toys, water bottles, and cage, and I will be making them some new pouches.

What we know: The gliders have been in three homes prior to "the ferret lady's home." So, I am now the fifth home. Since they are older, I am just trying to keep them as stable, happy, and healthy as I can.

We don't know which one is which, and they don't appear to know their names (but only a few of mine do).

One of them appears to have some hair loss around the eyes, and the other, has a "bad eye" and I am not sure why that is. Her right eye has a white spot in it, so I don't know if that is a cataract or the result of some old injury. Both are quite agile, but one is heavier than the other. I don't know if they are mother/daughter, sisters, or two un-relateds.

I am going to call Peepers the one who has the bad eye, and Beaky is the little one. I'll post up pictures when I can.

By the time we got home last night, all I could do was offer them some BML and veggies. They were fed one Mazuri biscuit soaked in apple juice every day, dried fruits, and peas before I got them. The first thing I will do is improve their diet. I trimmed a few of their nails last night, and let them settle in.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kie's update

Our little man, Kie, went in for his neutering appointment this morning. Our vet used laser surgery, and Kie is home and resting comfortably. When I picked him up, he was just as I had left him (well, minus, you know what). I peeked into his pouch, and he looked at me with those clear, bright, dark eyes and wanted a goodie. Good thing for me I had packed up some of his favorite treats! He had three mealies, and he smacked his little mouth with great excitement. He is all snuggled up in his pouch, with his wife Kiely, and they are a taking a little nap. I have them both tucked just inside my shirt (that way if there is any movement, discomfort, or whatever - I'll know it quickly). Here is a photo taken just moments ago: Kie and Kiely, together again!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome to Cyndi Doolittle's zany-zoo!

Doolittle, haha, I made a funny, since I have actually done so little since school's been out. Back to the blog. A humorist, I'm not.

What a wonderful weekend!

Fang and Dewey had a great romp yesterday, and they had a grand time playing a sneaky game of "I got your treat, ha!" We were having a fine afternoon when Dewey decided he'd just steal Fang's treat, but Fang got even by waiting around and playing cute... then, actually pulled a stunt by walking off and pretending to be "oh so disinterested"

Dewey and Fang- and when Dewey saw that - he got up and walked away. Well, ever so sly baby Fang walked over and ker-plunk sat himself down and took Dewey's bone. Never mind the fact that ALL dogs each got a bone, but these two "dudes" had to have this particular one - for no apparent reason. Males.

Ahh, this is the way life should be . . . good friends . . . a good game... some fragrant roses...and a well-deserved bone to call my own! "Dewey, ya snooze - ya loose, buddy!"

Dewey, dude, I win!

Fang gloating

Today was glider day, and a remarkable glider day, it was, too! Kiely took her first glide since I brought her home - just like nothing had ever been wrong! She had been riding around on my shoulder, when she saw something on the TV that caught her eye, and ZOOOOM! There she went! My heart stopped, but I thought, well, she knows what she's capable of! Sure enough - she was fine - and was all wound up and ready for her workout. In another few weeks, I'll see if it's time to get a second set of x-rays. She has had some health concerns, but this little girl is doing so much better - and so quickly, too! She only moved in with us May 12th (with Kie, and their joey, Charlie), but today, she was out and about and all over the place - all at once. What a little bundle of energy this little lady is! I admire her spirit . . . she's a tough little cookie!

Charlie is her "spirited" son, and one of his favorite activities is to "crab his little head off" when I want to take him out for playtime. He thinks he's scaring me, but really, it's kinda cute. He'll raise a fuss, and I'll just get him anyway... then, it's as if he rethinks his position and begins to take more of an "Oh, well... she's got me, might as well make the most of it" philosophy. Here he is after our playtime - asleep and purring in my hand!

Silly Charlie... tricks are for kids!

Charlie sleeping

Now, the next little event is the introduction proper of Meg and BooBoo's twin boys. We haven't named them yet (dad was going to but he changed his mind). John has been thinking Victor (from the movie Frankenstein) and Viggo (after Viggo Mortensen "because he's too cool - and that name is really neat"). Well, these are vocal little guys, so why not? Actually, this might sound kinda crazy, but I think one is a little older than the other one... not only did we not see the other one for like a week, but they are not the same size... you'll see, meet Meg's boys, Victor and Viggo...

Push me - pull me: Victor and Viggo