Monday, July 31, 2006

The Ohio State University Crabbing Gliders vs. The University of Michigan Barking Wolverines..

I would like to thank the following SUPER VENDORS for their support in helping me to create the "Buckeye Bag" - for it surely would NOT have existed without the help and generous donations from each and every one of you. I was truly overwhelmed by the support I received from the glider community, and I was truly humbled. All I can say is: Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Most of the vendors I am aware of, but there were a few anonymous donations made at the SGGA - and those donors were sly because I didn't catch them and was unable to give a personal thank you! When I went back to our table, there was something else, and then another, and then another! So, I would like to express my deepest thanks to those very special anonymous donors, too! Only you know who you are; however, I want to PROPERLY and COMPLETELY credit those for their donations.

Some items I bought, and some items were specially commissioned for this donation, since I have all of the talent of a bag of rusty fence nails! I have to say that I have GREAT RESPECT for those talented people who can CREATE, but I am not one of them. I can make a decent enough cage pouch, but that's after HOURS AND HOURS of tutoring with my girls, Helen and Leyna... for myself it is EASIER for me to buy things than make them! Many items were donated; so, if there are any mistakes, please let me know, and I will quickly post them up! You just never know... someone may want to order something from one of you anonymous donors!

Every effort has been made to make sure that I have properly recorded the proper items received from each vendor, but if I have made an error, please send me an e-mail and I will make any corrections, first here, and then on any other boards that I may have posted in (this keeps me organized - somewhat. I apologize in advance if I have messed anything up - you all know how I am!

The items in the Buckeye Bag were generously provided by:

1. The Glider Play Gym: "Built by Bourbon" Bourbon at All 4 Gliders

2. The OSU Travel Cage with coordinating Buckeye Cage Set AND the zippered "O" bonding/travel pouches, AND "The Buckeye Glider Trampoline": Helen of The Glider Playroom

3. The Buckeye Hand-knit Purse and Matching Bonding Pouch: Sugeebaby (Karen) of The Pampered Glider!

4. The GI-NORMOUS OSU Throw and "Scarlet and Gray Pure Buckeye Bottled Water": Carl of The Pampered Glider!

5. Buckeye Wodent Wheel, Tipsy Turvey, Happy Dangler, and assorted treats and glider goodies: Suz of Suz Sugar Gliders!

6. The Carpet Bag Purse: Joyce of Sweet Glider Gizmos

7. OSU cage pouches, ice cube trays, glider plates and feeding crocks, paring knife, OSU travel cooler and 175-gallon Apogee Reptarium, red carry-all tote, Barrel of Monkeys: CGarnes - yours, truly

8. OSU Pouches: Leyna of The Sugar Glider Sanctuary

9. OSU Play Gym Flag, water bottle, keychains, thermometer, glasses, zipper pulls: Bourbon & CGarnes

10. Glider Gift Basket: Lisa & "Arnold the Super Adorable!" at SunCoast Sugar Gliders

11. 500 Mealies: Dale and friends at GrubCo!

12. Brutus Buckeye Coco-Creation: Ms. Chrissy of "A Cup of Sugar"

13. The Buckeye Stealth Wheel, hanging toys, twisted rope, and other assorted goodies, Buckeye Feather Balls (she also donated color coordinating fleece which will be used to create glider pouches for GLIDER RESCUES in another project I'm working on): Anita of SugarRae's Attic

14. The Buckeye Bridge "O-H-I-O", hanging nest box, and other glider goodies: TnR Gliders

15. The Buckeye QuinCity: Jaimee of Sugar and Spice Gliders

16. The Coordinating No-Sew Pouches, Hammock, and Rope: My worthy compadres on the other side of the table (and up north across "that state line" *wink* - gotta love those Wolverines!) Amie and Bill (Khyricat and wnoisephx)

and... to those anonymous donors... thank you, thank you all - so very much!

Now... the winners are:

Ohio State

University of Michigan
(the step-son of that rascally old CGarnes - who MADE me put my name on the ticket because HE and MY SWEETIE are from Detroit!!)

Now, here are the links to pix because I am having technical issues here - none of my pix will post here for some reason (browser issues, I suspect):

1. The University of Michigan winner - my stepson, JR

2. The Ohio State University winner - Judy, Glider Nana, of Glider Central

3. The HUUGGGGGE Buckeye Throw, donated by Sugeebaby and Carl I LOVE MY SUGEEBABY & Carl!! They also, somehow, found a bottle of Scarlet and Gray Buckeye Water, which was so cool! Why is so much Ohio State stuff available only in Michigan? And, I was in such a hurry that I hurried out the door and forgot the throw 'cause I didn't want to be late, and I was anyway! I am SO ASHAMED, and I should be THUMPED for that one...

4. The Ohio State Souvenir CD donated by that silly scatterbrain Garnes... I swear... if my head weren't attached ---

CONGRATULATIONS TO JR AND TO JUDY!! The REAL winners in this little glider game!

Judy, your OSU Throw and CD will be shipped via UPS tomorrow! *smiles*

Now, here's and a MAJOR THANK YOU to Sugeebaby for accepting the challenge (and for spoiling me and my stepson in the process); to Helen of The Glider Playroom who kept me CALM throughout the whole thing (a HUGE task for anyone - because I am never calm, haha. Helen, you rock! - You are THE star quarterback!; to Bourbon who kept me FOCUSED, well, as well as anyone could have hoped to have, anyway; to Helen and Pete of The Glider Playroom for the use of their photos (dummy me forgot my camera, too)

.... and last, but not definitely NOT least, my sweetheart, John, for his never-ending patience and complete and total understanding throughout all of my crazy ideas, shenanigans, and whoop-dee-do's which involved piles and bundles of fleece and boxes and all kinds of stuff all over the place... for weeks!

I just can't wait for SGGA 2007! Detroit... here we come!

Sugeebaby: GO MICHIGAN! Girl, you know I love you!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Welcome back to "the island" Just add water... a little sand... and here's a small slice of paradise (kinda sorta)

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've been here for an update. Just too much going on, and I guess I'm just a little crabby these days. Having said that, meet my newest additions to my crazy zoo, my newest hermies! I wish I had had a photo of Batman sitting on top of that little palm tree... he's huge! And, right on top of him sat the Green Goblin, lol. Silly little crabbies.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ok, so let's try this...

So, the Baby-Lock 1550 has been misbehaving. That's fine. I sat it in the corner and told it that it's been bad, and I pulled out an OLD Singer: model number Merritt 1872 (a machine that I had bought for my daughter so that I could teach her how to sew - and it's being ignored in favor of her new laptop). Anyway, I am going to work with the Singer today and see if I have any better luck. If this one fails, I'll just go and get my Granpa Garnes' old treadle sewing machine and finish my project that way - and I'll get great legs out of this deal, to boot! wink

Here we go!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Demons and Goblyns are out to get me!

Sorry that I've been so slow to update, but I've got my work "cut out for me" (pun most seriously intended) with my OSU Buckeye Bag Challenge and I have been cutting and sewing and trying to stay "in the game."

July 4th, 2006
But first, the goblyn....
Since yesterday was just a "lost day" I thought I'd enjoy my morning with my gliders. Ahh, life is grand! I took out "Sugi's Sweeties" today (Sugi, Tink, Loki, Cady and Colby) and let them have their morning fun, and after they'd had their session, I did the same with BooBoo's Bunch: BooBoo & Meg (and their twin boys, Victor & Viggo), as well as their honorary grandparents, Bill & Evey. We were having the most wonderful time: mealies all around, with skipping, boinging, poinging, and gliding all about! Gosh, what a wonderful Fourth of July! Everyone was eager to go to their pouches, but before I close a cage door, I always do a "nose count" - one was missing!

Darn it. I checked the cage, pouches, the couch, chair, guitar case (AnnaBear loves to play on my acoustic guitar), hammered dulcimer case, under all the furniture, inside my Cerwin-Vega speakers (Charlie hid there once), and everywhere that I could think of. No Bill! OK, at this point, I'm frazzled. He can not be anywhere else; yet, he obviously is. I checked the top of the china cabinet, under it, inside the bottom of the TV, nothing. Inside the lace curtains (sometimes Sugi will hide just at the top behind the valances).

Still nothing. I call for back-up, and John helps me, too. Nothing. I sat down, and I just listened. These sneaky little things will occasionally move, and I can hear the rustle, and it's whammo - gotcha! Not this time. I'm pretty worried at this point, because I'd exhausted all reasonable possibilities. I knew he wasn't in another room because all the doors (with weather-stripping on the bottom to prevent sneaks) keep gliders isolated to my living room. I had been crawling around on the floor, looking under things when I stood up, and then my eyes fell on it. The one place I hadn't looked. My HP PSC 1210.

I pulled out my paper, flipped down the ink cartridge door, and I blew into the printer. I don't know why this came to mind, but it did. Nothing happened. Hmm. Well, at least I looked. I took a peek inside as much as I could see, and I didn't see a darned thing. I flipped the cartridge door back up, and then I heard it! The most hateful, God-awful noise you'd ever expect to come out of something so cute and fuzzy - albeit completely ornery as "all get out" - Bill was crabbing, and from the sound of it, he was madder than hell! Bingo. Found the little squirt!

Ok, now, this sounds horrible, and it IS! Sugar gliders do NOT belong in inkjet printers!! Bill had his full of mealies and snuck off to a dark quiet area where no one was going to bother him. The printer was off, as it usually is, and he was not in any of the moving parts areas (still, this was just too scary). Inside the printer, on the far right side, in the front of the case is an empty spot. That's where he was.

I tried to coax him out with his favorite blankie... no dice. Do you know what this little fellow did? He didn't even peak around the corner, he reached his little hand out (yes gliders have little hands) and grabbed his blankie and gave it a yank - inside! He wanted to sleep!

Hmmph. Well, he wasn't going to win on this one. I took a look at the printer to see if I could take it apart (patience is not one of my virtues). No deal. Hmm. I grabbed his feather teaser (he loves "killing them"), and I hoped he'd take the "bait" and follow after it. No way! He sat back in that corner and crabbed (to the glider novice, this sounds like an electric pencil sharpener at high speed).

Grrr. He was winning!! Still, he had to get the idea that this was NOT a place to play - or sleep! Then, I remembered, my friend, Karen (Sugeebaby) had given me a little set of tiny flashlights (with really bright output), and I took one and hung it onto the end of the feather teaser, and I tried "fishing him out" with that (gliders hate bright lights - especially when they are trying to sleep - they are nocturnal). FORGET IT!! This little booger was NOT going to come out!

That was it. I'd had it, and what I am about to say might be wrong, might be mean, might be cruel, but he WAS going to come out of there, like it or not. He had to learn that this was not an acceptable area to play/rest in. I placed his favorite pouch inside the printer (again), and I picked it up, and I gave it a good shake (knowing that he'd fall right into his pouch). He hung on, and I gave the printer a good sound slap, and POP GOES THE GLIDER... right into his pouch.

I tucked him in with his blankie, and I offered him a treat and a snuggle before I put him back in his cage. He was still mad, and he crabbed through the treat and the snuggle, but at least he's safe.

I don't know why, in the two years that I have had gliders, that this little incident hadn't happened before, but remember this: No matter how safe you think your gliders are - always be on the lookout. This story has a good ending, thank God, because it could have had quite another, more unpleasant ending.

In his pouch, Bill the goblyn, the tiny goblyn, the goblyn sleeps today...

July 3rd, 2006
Meet my demon: his name is Baby-Lock
Yesterday, oh, my goodness, I should have taken a photo of the most PERFECT glider bonding pouch that I have ever made (or even thought of). This little pouch was "just it": double layered, seamless interior, perfectly boxed corners (thanks to Leyna and Helen who have been trying to teach me for ages now), but I finally got it. I waltzed into the living room to show my daughter what I'd done, and POOF then I saw it. I had the darned zipper in wrongside out (or rightside in). Hardly a secure bonding/travel pouch with my little heathens... so back to the kitchen with seam ripper in hand. When I put a zipper in, only God, or a fire is gonna get it back out of there... but I finally got it out, and not about to be beaten by a handful of fleece, I tried again. Long story much shorter (you are welcome) I screwed it up again, two more times. Finally, I gave up, and I cut the top off and salvaged the good part and turned it into a cage pouch; however, during all of my trial and error I broke a needle, which just missed the outside corner of my left eye. OUCH! That shook me up quite a bit... the pressure foot fell off... and then a darned screw came loose. I quit. That was it. Out for the day. If you can't beat'em... take a nap; so, I did.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pyromania? Firestarter? Burnin' down the house!!!

The henhouse is engulfed in flames!
We FINALLY did it!! After having lived here for a little over six years, I finally got rid of that hideous eyesore, my Aunt Wilma's henhouse. Now, I loved my Aunt Wilma, DEARLY, and I remember going out to help her get the eggs when she used to raise chickens (and I also remember screwing up my face and trying to look like I liked her Fried Mush - my Lord, how I never wanted to do anything to hurt her feelings, but I hated Fried Mush, and it was all I could do to keep it down).

Anyway, the old henhouse has served its purpose, and it needed to go. Thank God for my sweetheart, and his son, JR (that's my boy!) who "took care of business" today!

This building was burnt down with permission by the proper authorities: the Ross County Sheriff's Department and the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone attempt to burn without proper notice to the authorities: not only for safety's sake, but by alerting the authorities they can take the proper precautions should the fire get out of hand. Additionally, depending upon what is being burnt in any given jurisdiction, an EPA Form may need to be completed. Since the Fire Department knew we were burning, they didn't have to call in the firemen as a result of any neighbors reporting what they might have suspected as a house fire (this was a big fire and there was a lot of smoke).

All's well! Goodbye old henhouse... gee, a camper would look nice back there...

If my gliders were humans... they'd be:

Wow, since I am world famous for my crazy ideas, I don't know why I have never pondered this one before! Thanks to my pal, CD, out in Illinois, for starting this interesting thought process - perfect for a Saturday morning over coffee!!

Apartment A:
1. Tink would be Joan Jett
2. Sugi would be Barry White
3. Loki would be Carol Brady
4. Cady would be Buffy the Mealie Slayer
5. Colby would be Shannan Daugherty (sp?)

Apartment B:
6. Bill would be Walter Matthau (of Grumpy Old Men)
7. Evey would be Mae West
8. Meg would be The Princess Bride
9. BooBoo would be Johnny Depp, nah, Conway Twitty, as in "I'd Love to Lay You Down") courtesy of John, our Resident Glider Talk Therapist
10. Victor would be Dr. Frankenstein
11. Viggo would be Enrique Iglesias

Apartment C:
12. Harley would be (John said Archie Bunker, and I smacked him) Um... Harley would be... David Lee Roth
13. Holden would be Mr. Smooth... he's quiet and keeps the girls to himself
14. AnnaBear would be Momma Cass (Elliot)
15. Baby B would be BOURBON - IN GLIDER FORM!! to those who are not in "Glider World" - Bourbon is an incredible PERSON - not a drink

Apartment D:
16. Reese would be Garbo
17. Oliver would be (John said Anthony Perkins - and I smacked him - again. Let's say Quentin Taratino, since he loves me better...

Apartment E:
18. Kie would be Brando (not because he's big, but because he's smooth, he's suave... and he's mellow - unless he sees a mealie)
19. Kiely would be Demi Moore in "Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle" -- now that she is re-habbed - she's kickin' butt and takin' names! I am very happy to see this little girl turn around! :)
20. Charlie would be Charlie Sheen, ever the HOTTIE BAD BOY! Too cute for his own good...

and lastly, my newest editions:

Apartment F:
21. Beaky would be Joan Rivers... fuss, fuss, fuss.... and
22. Peepers... Delta Burke

There we have it, brought to you, by yours truly... CGARNES... the Fairy Godmother *pooof*