Sunday, February 18, 2007

Teenagers move TOO FAST!

This morning we decided to let the "teenagers" out to play, and gosh, darn it, did we have a show! Today's blog is a photo-documentary of my girl, Alley, from Jesse in Tennessee... Jesse, sit back and enjoy "our girl"!

Baby Kristi Rose is on the lookout. She is our "lady glider - a total love-muffin."

Alley's morning workout routine.

Alley, too "hot" to handle!

Detecting "space invaders..."

"Invisibility cloak" -- hehe

I know I shouldn't... BUT --

I am the Mistress of All I Survey -- YEAH ME!

Self-imprisonment. My bad!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kentucky Rescue Gliders Meet New Parents!

I would like to congratulate the new parents of our little Kentucky rescues, which we took into our home this past Christmas. I would like to thank the SRR for helping to ensure that these gliders were neutered before we could place them into their new home. Their new owners are devoted pet owners, and they have dedicated their lives to caring for their beloved pets. After much consultation and education, which included topics such as proper diet, nutrition, the importance of playtime (and out of cage time), glider-proofing a home, and bonding, as well as others, this loving couple was finally able to take these sweet gliders home this evening.

We were able to provide them with a starter cage, which included two new cage pouches (perfect for St. Patrick's Day), several blankies, water bottles and a feeding dish, nutritional supplements, Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters - Original Diet Plan, including this evening's dinner, and a super-size ice cube tray, courtesy of Sugeebaby along with a referral to several glider forums and a reference to my personal veterinarians who treat my gliders.

As with the placement of any rescues who may leave my home, I guarantee full support to the new parents, and I will assist with any follow-up questions or care with the full understanding that if the new parents are unable to keep or to maintain these rescues, they can be returned to me - no questions asked.

Thank you Suggie Rescue Resources for helping me to neuter the boys so that I could place these adorable little rescues into the most lovingly wonderful home.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Evey is gone.

I picked up Evey this morning from the vet's office, around 9:00, I think, and she had came through surgery last night just fine. My vet called me right after her surgery. When I got her home, I could see that she had barely touched her food that we'd packed the night before. I mean, it was as if her food had never been touched; so, I called the office, and they told me that they had put the food out, but she did not eat it. Dr. Tharp said she appeared fine this morning when he checked on her, and he said that she had crabbed a little at first, but then he had offered her some corn, and she ate it. He commented on how gentle she was and that was that. I paid the bill, and we headed for home. When we got home, I checked on her, saw that she'd barely touched her food, and I offered her a mealie. She looked really tired, and her ears were droopy, but I watched her while she tried to eat her mealie, and she just barely took 1/2 of it.

I thought, ok, I will get her some BML, which I heated in the microwave because I could see I was going to have to try the syringe. She just seemed so weak. It was a little too warm, so I added a little yogurt to cool it down. At first, she rejected it, and didn't seem that she could even lick it. I called my vet, ASAP, and he said bring her back in, which I did. While mom got the car started (my van is in TN with John), I offered her the mixture again, and she took two squirts, and we headed right back to the vet's office.

Long story cut short: he gave her a lactated ringer, and a shot of Baytril. She seemed cold, so I kept her close to me, to keep her warm. He said she needed a heating pad; now, while all this is going on Sugeebaby, who is at the Sugar Glider Retreat, along with Cyndiekb and the rest of that grand Texas gang, ran interference for me. I needed a glider expert on the phone YESTERDAY!

While I was at the vet's office, I was lucky enough to talk to Mary H, personally, who patiently and calmly talked us through everything we needed to do. I was thrilled to hear the voice of Charlie H, whom I have admired for years, in the background, along with Mimijo, each offering the most unbelievable support imaginable... I nearly choked up while talking to them on the phone. These people are just unbelievable... I mean, they LIVE to server gliders in need ANYWHERE... I LOVE THESE GUYS...

After Mary and I concluded our business with the my vet, I took off, straightaway, to Walgreen's where I could pick up the things that I needed. While I was standing there, with my fat little Evey in my shirt, keeping her right on my skin, with my hand cupped over her, I felt her wiggle and then move around. I was overjoyed. I thought my fat little girl wanted to come out and play, and that was, though a very welcome feeling, not a good idea in a store... but then, she dropped down to my belly, and (this was very unlike her) I thought she might try to get out of my shirt that way. Feeling VERY conspicuous in that main aisle, I reached my hand up under my shirt, and I cupped my hand around her, and she felt limp. I raced back to the corner of the store, and I told my pharmacist that I had an emergency, and could they please allow me to open the PediaLyte so that I could tend to a little pet that had just left the vet's office. They were shocked, but allowed me to proceed... as we started to open the PediaLyte (I'm sorry, it was the best and only thing that I could think to do at the time), I looked into her little face, and she was ashen... she was gone... I touched her little eye to see if she would respond, and she didn't. The gal behind the counter, though at first shocked, asked me if she could try to revive her (how incredible was that? At that moment, my faith in mankind had really taken a magnificent leap forward)... but it was too late... my fat little Evey, my little sweetheart, whom we had nicknamed "The Most Beautiful Glider in the World" had left me...

I am crying my eyes out as I write this piece. There are so many people who stood by me while John was out of town, including my mother who took me to down, since I had no car), and I am too drained to call each and every one of them... Mary, I tried, but I got a busy signal... please, just know, that I love you, each and every one: Tmarie, Sugeebaby, CyndieKB, and the truly incredible Mary and Charlie H. I do not know what I would have done without you today.

Evey, my little love, mommy tried... be at peace, my little one. I did the best that I could have.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Emergency - Partial tail amputation required ASAP!


Evey had a slight tail abrasion... but now, she's chewed off half

Yesterday, my fat little girl Evey had a slight abrasion on her tail. We rinsed the area clean, and we covered it with Neosporin, and she played well, and we were sure she would be ok. This was a slight wound... and we've handled mating wounds which were much more intense.

John got home before I did, and all was well when he removed the glider bowls, around 3:00. When I got home, just now, we saw her at the bottom of her cage, hiding in her little Barbie playhouse. We went over to find her, and we were horrified at what we found. She had chewed half of her tail off, nearly to the tip... she has exposed bone and tissue.

I called my local vet, Dr. Tharp ASAP, and he is going to get us in right away. She is going to require a partial tail amputation. At least half. I will provide more details as I can, but my girl may need to spend the night at his office. We have her packed and ready to go.

Please say a prayer for my fat little Evey... she is the gentlest glider we have... I'd post the pix, but they are horrific...

All of this is hitting me, just when John is heading to TN, and I was supposed to go to an out of town seminar through Wednesday.... more later. Much later.

UPDATE 1: 5:54 PM
I am home now, waiting to hear from my vet. Dr. Tharp is a miracle worker with my gliders, and he sure has seen a lot of them. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The scary thing was, besides seeing up to three inches of exposed bone and tissue, the black oil-like "goo" coming from her cloaca. This is, I am assuming, the blood that she has ingested from gnawing at her tail, but still, it was really scary... too liquidy... She had nice solid poo yesterday, and she played with me most of the day... playing hide and seek in my blankies, and just being mommy's fat little thing...

I'll post more when I hear from Dr. Tharp, but she may have an overnight stay.

UPDATE 2: 6:31 PM
On the phone now..... ok. She came through surgery just fine, but he, too, was horrified at what she had done to her tail. I knew she was going to lose at least half of her tail, because she had three inches of exposed bone and tissue. He said that she had really done some serious damage and that she had abnormal tissue up even higher than we'd thought. She is spending the night there tonight, and she is resting. I will call tomorrow after 8:30, and then I should be able to pick her up. Keep your fingers crossed for Miss Evey, please... she has all her stuff with her: her little hospital cage from Auntie Helen her new cage pouches I'd made her for St. Paddy's Day, extra blankies, and her BML, veggies, and all her little stuff. Updates to come tomorrow.

Monday, February 05, 2007

To my Sugeebaby, with LOVE!!!

LOTSA love....

So, the game is on, and I worked my fat little self to a frenzy yesterday (remember, I am not much of a domestic goddess, but I am darned sure not gonna wear any of that nasty Michigan blue); so, here is my headstart on my SIX CAGES before March 17th (yes, this year)...

... and you all doubted me?

Witness, my start on my lovely cage sets.... there's plenty more where this came from too. I bought at least four yards of both colors.... and I have a SNOW DAY today... hehehe...

I wanna see Milas wear RED!

Karen, wanna see how MUCH I love you?

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Today has been a busy little day, which started at 8:00 this morning (so much for Saturday morning sleep-ins). I had Thing 2's and Victor's neuterings scheduled for yesterday, but since the roads were so bad, I rescheduled them for this morning. Thing 2 is the last of the Kentucky glider rescues that I had taken in who needed to be neutered. Victor is my own pet (son of my BooBoo and Meg, who will be a year old May 10th). So, I dropped the boys off at my vet's office by 8:40, and went on to McDonald's and then to Crispie Creme to treat the family to some morning yums. By the time I got home, I got a call from the vet's office (which was kinda scary, since I had only just dropped them off, it seemed), and lo and behold, the boys were out of surgery and ready to be picked up, and they are doing GREAT!

Well, not wanting to let a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit get cold, I had breakfast first with the family, and then I tended to my in-town errands: post office, stores, which involved returns and exchanges, and then, I found this PERFECT fleece pattern for St. Patrick's Day at Joann Fabrics! WOO! I just had to tell my buddy, Sugeebaby what I had found, and I squealed with delight as I told her that I bought all they had because I needed to get all of my cages re-decorated (six large cages against my living room wall serves as the room's focal point).

She laughed, and she told me that I should have gotten Easter colors instead, and reminded me (procrastinator-supreme that I am) that I would probably never make it, but to give me a "fighting chance" she offered me a bet (you all know where that gets me... remember that Ohio State vs. University of Michigan challenge from last year, lol)...

So, here's the deal: if I can get my cages ALL done before St. Patrick's Day, my darling Karen, Ms. Wolverine-Supreme will ABSOLUTELY wear my Ohio State colors at the next gathering we have... and if I FAIL in my grand effort, yours truly will be sporting "them thar Michigan blues" -- little ol' me dressed in Wolverine blue and maize...

Well, now, that makes this weekend's projecting a little more interesting, and gets me a whole lot more motivated. Right now, I see that each of my little guys is back in his own little rehab/temp cage until I see that all is well, and I have to say that Dr. Tharp does a fabulous job with providing top-notch care for my gliders. They look great, and since they seem to be doing so well, the ol' lady is gonna take the afternoon off for a little snooze, 'cause I need one, but as soon as I wake up, I'm grabbing my rotary cutters, blades, and my cutting mat, and I'm going at it FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Ain't NO WAY I am gonna get caught dead wearing MICHIGAN BLUE!!!!

GO ME!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

For cryin' out loud!

Oh my God! So, here I am, sitting on my futon playing the role of Grand Earth Mother Supreme, crocheting a scarf pour moi since I just got a new, short, sassy haircut, while watching "Oprah"!

Today's topic is something like "Mommy Millionaires" or something like that, when I happened to make a comment like, Oh, how clever! to an invention that tells you when you last opened something. Really, it's a very cool invention, and when I commented on it, the sweetheart, John, said, "Ummm, and that's why they put expiration dates on the containers!"

That's when I retorted, snottily,"Yeah, that explains why that EXPIRATION DATE on that damned sour cream in there said NOVEMBER 8th, 2006, then, you actually READ those things, now, do you?" Good thing you have ME around here to keep that refrigerator clean, and it was ME who had to throw that out, and you call yourself a VIRGO?

-- and that's when I got BLASTED!

John: "You're kidding me, right? You never threw that away, did you?

Me: "Yes, as a matter of fact I did, for crissakes, what in the world would you need to keep it for?" I shouted back.

Then, Andrea came rushing in to John's defense, and she went off on me, too!

Andrea: "Oh, noooooooooo (said with all of the heartbreak and regret as if I had just cut up her favorite teddy bear) -- MOMMY, you didn't!!! Did you?"

Me: "Yes, as a matter of fact I did, what kinda pigs are you people?"

-- and then I got it AGAIN!

What gives with these two, I think to myself, and then they yell out their frustration in UNISON, as if they'd NEVER -- EVER get over it!

Both: She threw out OUR CHIP DIP!! SHE DID!! SHE DID!!! Why would she do that?" they chimed in their complete bewilderment and confusion!

... then, to me, in those hurt, accusatory voices: Why DID YOU do that???

For cryin' out freakin' loud... with all of the NICE Tupperware that I have (the real thing, mind you!), and for all of the fancy Lock-N-Locks that I bought at Wal-Mart -- they (in all of their infinite wisdom and stately perfectionism) had washed out an old sour cream container and had stored their freshly made chip dip in there.

Virgos (the both of 'em)! He and she who are the "perfectionists of the zodiac" foiled by the Goddess of Chaos, the queen of supreme disorder of all... a gentle little dreamy Pisces... c'est moi! had, utterly and irrevocably, rocked their world.

Perfectionists, hehe, let me at them. Bring 'em on!!!

A quiet little country place, right?

Well, since I have some time this morning, I thought I might as well show you what "Garnes' Woodlands" looks like! But first, let's see what yesterday's drive into work looked like, and it's worse today, so that's why I have all this free time on my hands. Gotta love those "snow days"!

Normally, I'm the only one on the road at this hour, and though I drive a pretty good distance, XM Radio keeps me happy with channel 46 and "Top Tracks." As I pulled out for work yesterday, Motley Crue was playin' "Louder than Hell" (and it was, too, lol).

After a long day at work (and sometimes and even longer drive back home) I am so relieved to get back to my little "nest in the woods" - and since my galpal, Tmarie of Gliders Anonymous hasn't had a chance to come down for a visit, I thought I'd give her a "virtual tour" of my palatial country estate! Ha! God be with my "top road-dog" today, as she travels to her new home in Virginia... I am gonna miss "kidnapping" that girl and running off to parts unknown (ok, it's usually DETROIT), haha, to see our other bud, that sexy little Sugeebaby of The Pampered Glider!

So, let's just dedicate this entry to my galpal, Tonia, shall we? Travel safely, my little T. I miss you so much already!

The long driveway: sometimes, my neighbors come down with their tractor and plow the snow for me. I have GREAT NEIGHBORS who always look out for us.

My "quiet little house" as you enter the long driveway.

. . . and last, but not least, the paterfamilias who waits patiently for my return.

The smoking area

The "clubhouse"
My "proposed" pool hall and all around "juke-joint" -- if I get to it this summer. You see, I have an old pool table in there, and though it's nothing fancy, I intend to set myself up a little honkytonk -- just a place to shoot some pool this summer -- hey, let's just call this my "hideout"!

Photos in this entry were taking with my Cingular 8125, and in the next entry, photos were taken with my exquisite Get a Mac - and NEVER go back!, which I LOVE! Here's my special toy.

Oh, by the way . . . Windows Vista is being released, but who needs it? NOT ME!

MAC FOREVER -- and ya gotta love their ads, too!

"I gotta break free!" sings the late great Freddy Mercury

Mommy no! Not my pom! Please, noooooo! ( Viggo and Victor break freeeeeeee last night!)

My first trimester has been a rough way to go, and wow... being pregnant at 42 is a real experience, let me tell you. Ok, so for once, I am finally getting a great night's sleep, and I only had to get up twice. The first time, all was well, and I went right back into my snuggly warm blankie, but that second time, uh oh! When I woke up, John had the living room light on - at 4:00 a.m.?? I thought, What in the world is going on? He said he was sound asleep, and then he felt it... little furry things running all over his face! He said "the rats are out!" with an air of complete exhaustion, and he was clumsily shuffling around trying to catch one... When I say rats, I mean the sugar gliders (and he knows better than to call them that, but he was mad).

So, here I am, fat belly and all, and I'm trying to help as best I can, but bending over is taxing when you are a geriatric mother-to-be with a big fat belly at 4:00 in the morning. What we discovered MUCH LATER was that Victor and Viggo had chewed a hole through their Apogee Reptarium and they were having a grand ol' time! You can just imagine what fun this was. 5:30 a.m. begins my "get ready for work routine, anyway"! Finally, after much shuffling about, we caught Victor and put him back in his rep, then, we went after Viggo... by the time we caught Viggo, Victor was out again, and I was like "what the heck, didn't I close that zipper all the way last night?" -- but I was sure that I had! THEN we looked and found a hole... BOYS!!! So, the glider chase started all over again!! John went downstairs, and he brought up one of those nice little black hospital/travel cages we bought from Helen, and there we were... all set to go back to bed.


Then, to add insult to injury, the porch light came on, and as we checked to see what caused this (a motion sensor light), we saw four eyes staring at us... great, now the boys were loose: Dewey, the Yellow Lab, and a perfect housedog (if we had an English manor house) and Fang, the Siberian Husky mix, stared right at us, like "Let us in, mom. We're LONELY and we want to talk..." (they HAD been in the kennel which is attached to the barn).

Uh oh, bad news. Now, that means that Baby my Boxer is running at large, and when that girl has her freedom she runs like the wind and it takes DAYS to find her... to my total surprise (and thanks be to God!), Miss Baby was all curled up on the lawn chair sleeping her little self away. I knew Dewey and Fang would sleep on the porch, but once Baby decided to move, she'd run off. So, we brought her in here, and she jumped into bed with John, and THAT made Tommy Lee growl. For those of you who don't know who Tommy Lee is, he's my Min-Pin, all eight pounds of him, and he's a grumpy old man, now, of eight years old. Come to think of it, Baby is eight or nine years old, herself. John just grumbled and buried his head under his pillow and hid in his blankie.

I feel like I am living "Three Dog Night and a Bushel of Gliders -- to Boot!" down here!


Let me say this, it was a welcome relief when I found out that Andrea's school was closed (at approximately 6:30 a.m.); then, my school followed suit. Now, all I have to do is clear off the van and get the boys ready for their neutering. Wait, the roads are covered with snow... I just talked to my vet, and we are re-scheduling for tomorrow morning instead.

So, tomorrow, Thing 2 (the last Kentucky rescue) gets his... and my very own little darling, Victor, get his, too. I can understand Viggo trying to save his brother's manhood, but really... what a day!

Baby watching CNN

Baby BORED with CNN

The view from the living room this morning, and it's still snowing!