Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ye Antique Snow Show!

For my dear friends down south (who are suffering from the heat and pining for a little snow) I have summoned up some snow for you! Granted, this is last year's snow (we've been lucky so far), but here it is - snow!  There are just a few snapshots from life back in 'dem woods, a drive into work (it's a long drive!), and a view from the sixth floor at Riverside Methodist Hospital (we went in on a clear day, but on the way out there was a nasty snowstorm, which made for a long slow drive home). There was ice under that stuff!

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Herbie and Callie's Great Adventure!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Winter BITES: I hate it.

Bottom line: I am on a 2-hour delay today for school. We've been out of school since Wednesday, December 5th, and the snow just keeps on coming. We have about 1-3 inches of snow, but what's worse is that more came down last night. We only have just a little bit of snow (1-3 inches is "nothing" when you stop and think what other states get, and I'd REALLY hate living in upstate New York, for instance. So, a little fluff of snow is NO BIG DEAL (and if it were only snow, I could handle it, easy-peasey), but what makes this such a "gripe" is that there's ICE underneath this stuff. I dread going out today because I fear a repeat of my outing on Wednesday.

I had an 8:30 doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, and I slid all the way into town. Black ice is INVISIBLE. You don't even know it's there until you're already on it, and then, it's too late. All you can do is to try to steer through the situation. If the car pulls in one direction - turn to the opposite direction - and pray, pray, pray. Wednesday stunk. I was on a three-lane highway (US 35, US 23, and US 50 all converge at this location), and I was doing, at most, maybe 40 mph, but I think I was actually doing closer to 30 mph, which is SLOW for a US route, but you have to drive according to road conditions, so that was the best that could be done. Then, suddenly, there it was: Andrea, Evey, and I were going over a bridge in the far left lane when a fully loaded semi came up on us out of nowhere (thankfully it was in the middle lane). The draft from the semi gave us a really nasty nudge right nearly into a a concrete bridge rail to my left, and there was nowhere to go! The semi was moving along at nearly 60 mph, directly to my right, and there I was, on a solid sheet of ice drifting to the concrete railing of this bridge. All I could do was take my foot off the pedals and steer through it and pray. Pray like the dickens! You never, ever, hit the brakes when you are on ice. Finally, I got through it, but I could feel the sliding, and I was sure that I was gonna hit either the bridge (which would have been really bad) or the fully loaded moving semi (which would have been far worse). God pulled me through that one (Thank you, God). Andrea was scared to half to death (as I was, but I had to remain calm), and Evey, thankfully, had no idea what was going on.

So, I'm hoping they close school today, too. John just called me a little while ago - from a ditch not more than 1/2-mile from my house. He had slid when he was only doing about 20 mph (he said that's all he could do since it's a solid sheet of ice out there - at least on secondary roadways). I thought he had called me so I could call AAA's Emergency Road Service for him. He said his car had spun around, twice, and pointed him back in this direction, and right into the ditch he went. He finally got out of it by kicking in the 4-wheel drive, but it took him about 45 minutes to get to work when it usually takes him not more than 15.

WINTER BITES. I hate it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

SPOTLIGHT ON: Sugar Glider Rescues - Finding A Home for the Holidays!

This month's spotlight is on Glidin' For Love Sugar Gliders!

Once again, the holiday season is upon us, which is the time for giving and remembering. Let us not forget the sugar glider rescues and rescuers this holiday season. If you can, please, make a donation to a sugar glider rescue home in need. No gift is too small and every little bit helps - and adds up!

Even better: If you can offer a sugar glider rescue a permanent kind, loving, and nurturing home, please, complete an application from an established home/rescue organization.

Remember: Sugar gliders are happiest when living with another (or others) of their own kind!

There are so many sugar glider rescues living in rescue facilities across the United States. Sugar glider rescuers are special people, who are: super-kind, caring, devoted, selfless, nurturing, and generous and warm-hearted people, who work tirelessly for the well-being of any glider in need. Rescuers will take in a sugar glider (who may be sick or dying), and they will do everything within their power to save that glider's life. Sometimes they are successful, and then, there is a cause for rejoicing and celebration! If the little glider's condition is improved, then the rescuer will work very hard to find the glider a permanent placement in a loving home. Any potential new owners are carefully screened to ensure the safety and future well-being of the glider(s). At other times, the battle is lost, and the little glider passes on to cross "The Rainbow Bridge" (a link shared by MysticAngel of USGN and GA) - and there are tears, heartache, and heartbreak; yet, still, the rescuer remains strong, for s/he must - because other gliders are in need. Once again, the rescuer may be called upon to do the seemingly impossible.

Sugar glider rescuers can use a little bit of extra help this holiday season. They are the ones who will "take the bite" (time after time) from a little glider (who will react out of fear or insecurity), and "rescuers never give in, give up, or give up hope". Give if you can.

Giving can be done in any number of ways:
A. Donations can be made, individually, to known established rescue homes, or:

B. Donations can be made through an organization, such as The Glider Initiative.

Items for donation can be any one (or more) of the following items:
1. Feeding bowls

2. Water bottles or water dishes

3. Cage pouches

4. Bonding pouches

5. Exercise wheels - Get a Stealth, they're the best!

6. Cages are ALWAYS needed and appreciated, either new or used! Just a note: cages should be taller as opposed to wider, and they should not exceed 1/2-inch with the bar-spacings, because gliders can be little escape artists.

7. Vitamins and supplements

8. Treats, such as: yogurt drops, Brisky's Papaya or Mango Fruit Treats - or mealies (mealworms)!

9. ZooKeeper's Secret, Insectivore Diet Fare, Wombaroo, and the list can go on and on...

Let's all do our part to do what we can to work in the best interests of all sugar glider rescues - no matter where they may be!

To make a direct contribution to an established sugar glider rescue home/organization, please contact me (and leave an e-mail address in your message) at: (614) 360-2676 or send an e-mail to:

To learn more about sugar glider ownership and what it takes to provide a sugar glider with a long, happy, and healthy life, please stop by our forum and sign-up at United Sugar Glider Network

To place an order for any of the items mentioned above, contact one of the following Preferred Vendors:

1. All 4 Gliders Rescue Project

2. Attic Worx - Home of the Stealth Wheel!

3. GrubCo for the best mealies on the web!

4. Suncoast Sugar Gliders

5. The Glider Playroom

6. Glider Day Dreams

7. Laurie's Lovelies

8. Mobmilli's Sugar Glider Boutique

9. Miller's Light Gliders

10. Lucky You Gliders

11. Gliders Anonymous

12. A Cup of Sugar

13. Suz Sugar Gliders

14. The Pampered Glider

15. Sugar Glider Sanctuary

Disclaimer: The thoughts and sentiments expressed on this page are entirely my own and they are independent of any board (or boards) of which I may be a member. I have personally had excellent experience and relationships with each of the vendors provided above. If you wish to "treat yourself" - or a sugar glider rescuer - you can NOT go wrong with any of these vendors.