Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Ohio State University "Crabbing Gliders" vs University of Michigan "Barking" Wolverines

OK, you all know me as a "wild and crazy gal" - right? I mean, really, who else would wear a LOUD leopard print pantsuit in front of 150+ people and bark, chirp, hiss, chatter, and CRAB like a glider, and then have the nerve to strike a sexy pose with my most EXCELLENT PARTY HAT, designed by none other than our very own "CRAZY HAT LADY"?

ME! That's who! That crazy glider person in southern Ohio... old CGARNES here, a votre service! So, as I sit here wondering what in the world I was going to do for my donation to this year's SGGA (last year, I donated an "Emergency Glider Care Kit / Glider Hospital" (complete with collapsible glider travel cage AND a binder filled full of info on glider care... and I wondered just what in the world I could do for this year).

Then. It hit me. Like a fat glider doing the most excellent downward dive -- landing in a perfect FACEHUG!!! I needed to create a "Buckeye Bag"!!!

Now, I'm an Ohio State alum (class of 1990), and the SGGA is hosted here in Ohio this year... and we have some FINE vendors right here in Ohio... so, my thought was to gather up as much fine quality glider/glider owner merchandise as I could possibly fit (and afford!) into one giant "Scarlet and Gray" container of some sort... and there it was.

But, still, in life, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? I mean, there's yin and yang, salt and pepper, honey and vinegar, and... well, you get the idea! When people hear about THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY ... what else comes to mind? THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, right?

So, I have challenged (what, am I nuts?!) my great friend Sugeebaby up in Detroit to "a dual" of sorts, just a wee little bit of "GLIDERS GOT GAME!" hehe... to see if she would meet my beautiful "Scarlet and Gray" with a bit of the "Blue and Maize"... and she said "YES!!!"

So, the game's afoot!! Got game?!

We're calling our players... we're calling our team... we're pulling no punches!!!

Stay tuned for THE GAME of the year....

---- it's time for the The Ohio State University "Crabbing Gliders" versus The University of Michigan's "Barking" Wolverines!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Take me to the OFFICIAL SGGA 2006 Website
It's time for SGGA 2006! Let's get excited!

Last year was the first time I had attended an SGGA, and I just had the most fun - ever! The SGGA is a place to get to meet others who are interested in "all things sugar glider" - check out the link to get the full story.

I met so many people that I had come to know online, and we all had such a wonderful time. But all is not "party time" at the SGGA. We had a representative from the USDA who discussed licensing laws and how to get an application to become a licensed breeder in the US (these adorable little pets are NOT legal to own in ALL states), and he answered any questions the audience had. We also learned that it is illegal to sell sugar gliders if you have four or more females (a USDA breeder's license is required since these are exotic pets - and they are NOT the "perfect pet" for all people - even if they are legal within a particular state, they may be ILLEGAL in a particular county, town, or city).

We also had demonstrations on various topics. Perhaps one of the most interesting (from a scientific perspective) was a demonstration by Dr. Bruce who shared slides of various aspects of glider anatomy (which highlighted the point why it's NOT a good idea to feed a sugar glider nuts (though they love them) - but there are other reasons too. When I saw the size of their little "pipes" leading to their wee tiny little tummies, I stopped feeding my glider, Sugi, his 1/4 peanut, which I used to give him every so often. I had no idea of the risk of aflatoxins until I met up with some more experienced glider owners. The potential for a glider to choke on something like a nut, or other hard substance, is far too great. I also learned the mechanics of how a glider eats (they are sap-suckers by nature, and as such, do not really chew so much as they "press" the juices out of their food. Then, they spit out the rest); so, this one demonstration alone was well worth my having attended the SGGA! I love my gliders, and I want to give them the best possible life. Since gliders have a life-span of 12 - 15 years . . . they are owed no less!

Other demonstrations included: how to trim sugar glider's nails (tricky, indeed! - and it does take two people unless your glider is very relaxed); how to decorate a glider's cage; what material/toys are best suited for glider play, and perhaps, most importantly of all - how to properly fit an e-collar if your glider is beginning to self-mutilate. Fitting an e-collar on a glider is very difficult, and also will, more than likely, require two people. This demonstration alone, was also worth attending the SGGA!

One of the most horrifying things I learned during the e-collar demonstration was that if a glider is not properly restrained by an e-collar - and self-mutilation is beginning - that glider can die within an hour!

Of course, there were a lot of fun activities, too. We all received a "goody bag" when welcomed to the hotel, which was just packed full of neat stuff: bottled water, free food samples, and mealworms (courtesy of GrubCo - where I buy all of my mealies) for the gliders; various trinkets from the sponsoring vendors, including some really neat cage pouches, teasers, and other goodies!

One of the craziest things I'd ever seen was the Gliderese contest. The Gliderese contest involved volunteers getting up in front of the audience (I think there were over 150 people there) and the contestants had to mimic sugar glider sounds/vocalizations, which was called out by the facilitator!

Now, sugar gliders have a very wide range of vocalizations; so, this was quite a show - to say the least! From what I recall, I believe there were three judges in addition to the facilitator. The facilitator would call the sound to be mimicked, and each of the participants, in turn, had to "make that sound" by stepping up to the microphone. This was most definitely a wild and crazy time!

As those "fearless souls" began to file in line to "give things a go." I sat back in my chair fully intent on enjoying this spectacle, and I laughed out loud and made the comment, "Oh, can you believe those people!" then, a little voice in the back of my head kicked in and said, "What in the heck, you are out-of-state -- why not give this thing a go? You talk to Sugi all the time! So, there I went! I got out of my chair and moved to the end of the line. I could hear my 12-year old daughter in the background saying "Oh my God, there she goes!"

Sometimes, I'm just too wacky, impulsive, and "over-the-top" for my own good... there were, I think, about 20 contestants in that line-up (including a Canadian Idol pal of mine), and things got so crazy up there that I even lost my place in the line - a few of us did - but we all had a great time! There was a lot of giggling, laughing, egging each other on, and supporting one another! I froze up on one or two of the sounds, but I think it was my "free-style" that got the audience all excited. I actually WON that contest! Somewhere here on the Internet there are pictures of my "crowning achievement"! HA!

You only live once -- grab life fully by the horns and hang on as tight as you can and make the most of things! That has GOT to be one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life. Now, there are others, of course, but I'm not talking about them - just yet.

Check out the SGGA website, and I truly hope to see you there in July!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hey, hey! This SeaMonkey thing is pretty cool!

I have used IE for years, but when tabbed browsing came along in Netscape - that did it for me - I switched, and I haven't been back. Now, the whole Mozilla Project thing is kind of confusing to me (because Firefox is supposed to be part of Mozilla, or Netscape, or both, or vice versa, or one way or the other). Whatever. I still can't say I understand why there are so many versions/names/products that seem to do the same thing, but there it is.

In fact, I wish there were some kind of comparsion chart that sorted out what the differences between the browsers for lazy people like me who just want a quick "bird's eye checklist": Firefox (which I don't like - it just failed to impress at first sight), Netscape (which I do like), and Mozilla/SeaMonkey (which I love - simply because it has everything! For the life of me, the only difference I see between Firefox and Netscape is that Firefox is just "too plain" looking. I tried Firefox once - and that was it. Firefox has a very cool name, but I just didn't see a reason why I should use it over Netscape.

Anyway, this new SeaMonkey is awesome and seems to run faster than Mozilla 1.7.12; although there aren't as many themes available with SeaMonkey, I'll keep it around! I'm using the Toy Factory theme, just because it's so different! I don't think IE ever gave me a choice on how I wanted it to look! As far as themes are concerned, if you do try SeaMonkey I'd recommend American or Toy Factory. I'm using Toy Factory now, simply because it's so different - very colorful! When I used Mozilla, my favorite theme was Mostly Crystal Small, but that theme is incompatible with SeaMonkey. Hmm. I wonder just how difficult it is to build/write/code/design new themes? I have an idea...

Why not give SeaMonkey a try! or, if you like a lot of themes to choose from try Mozilla Suite (SeaMonkey is the upgrade to M0zilla Suite).

AnnaBear and 'the Boss'Testing, testing, 1-2-3!

I just upgraded to SeaMonkey. Will the image load or not?

Well, I'll be darned... image uploading is apparently working with SeaMonkey, but not my previous build. Why? Phooey... my old theme "Mostly Crystal Small" isn't working. Oh, well, I guess I can't have everything... I have a beautiful daughter, a cute sugar glider, and XM reception -- so that's a start! More! More!

off to search for themes that work with SeaMonkey

Operation failed. :( I get to just the point where I click "Done" and then nothing happens. Nothing at all.

Testing. Will a photo upload with the WYSIWYG editor this time with Mozilla 1.7.12? Let's see:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Little Miss Baby B is home and resting!

Baby B was such a little trooper today. We arrived at 11:00 and she was resting quietly. I asked my vet if I could go back with him since this would be quite an educational experience. Baby B took her anesthesia easily and was a very good little girl. He examined her tail thoroughly, and he said it looked as if she had broken her tail. Perhaps that is why the hair was missing. Her tail was bothering her, and she was picking at it; regardless, there was no sign of any chewing, which is at least a relief. Anyway, he gave me some protective eyeglasses, marked his spot (up to the next joint), trimmed her fur, cleansed the area, and zip zap, the job was done. He took extra care to not leave any exposed bone, and we watched and waited until she came out of her anesthesia. Our little one is resting quietly, but to be honest, right after she came out of it, she was up and ready to go! Can't keep a good glider down. Baby B, I am very proud of you! Photo to be added later.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Glider mommies on their morning stroll
Bad news for Baby B:

Well, Baby B is going to have to have part of her tail amputated tomorrow morning. Here's a picture of happier times with my little girl. The problem is, I'm not sure what happened at all, but my best guess is that this situation began when she had some hair pulled out of her tail somehow. Now, she and Harley like to bicker with the neighbors next door, and my best guess is that she had some hair pulled from her tail. Sometimes gliders will hang onto the side of the cage and their tails stick out. Anyway, I sleep near my gliders, and I have never heard anything, and before I go to bed at night, I make sure to turn my cages so the gliders can't reach one another. At first, there was just a wee patch of hair missing, but no bite marks or any kind of damage like that. Her tail area was more like she had had "her tail waxed." Just clean and smooth - but this was just a small spot and except for the lack of hair, she looked ok. My first theory is that she was hanging on the side of her cage and giving someone some "yap" and her tail stuck out and someone grabbed it. I don't know if that is even possible, but it's all that I can think of because there was also a slight kink to her tail; so, I thought that maybe she just "sprained it" or maybe "bruised" up against the cage bars, as if she had tried to get away. I am speculating because I do not know. The kink was kind of like a Siamese cat's tail (some of which have little kinks on the end).

Now, I know if we break a toe or something that nothing can be done, and her tail started to heal up (it was a small spot at first), but now, there is more exposed skin, which is going further up her tail. The vet says that we are going to have to amputate part of it since there appears to be some tissue damage (her tail still curls up, just like always, but only in one direction). I don't know what worsened her situation: I don't know if she began overgrooming herself, or if her cagemates were grooming her, but now she has more exposed skin after she had started her healing process, and she was healing up and looking good! I have never seen or heard any fighting from within the cage (the four of these guys are buddies!), nor any kind of other wierd noise.

My second theory is that even though her half-sister, AnnaBear, loves her (they constantly sleep together, play together, etc.) that maybe AB was hogging some food? AB is heavier than BB, but then AB's mom (Reese) is a fat little thing, and BB's mom (Tink) is a smaller glider. I just don't know. I have went over the cages, and I have seen no sign of any hair in the cage or in their wheels. At night, I have separated BB to make sure she's eating - just in case AB is a food hog, but then I return her in the morning so that she can sleep/cuddle with her buds. If my camera weren't with my daughter (who is on her way to Space Camp right now, I'd take a picture). Regardless, she will have part of her tail removed tomorrow. The vet recommends laser surgery since that will speed healing time. Updates to come.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Congratulations to me! Wow! Just an observation, really, but I just realized this is my 30-day anniversary with my blog! Gliders remind me that there has been another canine invasion into what they say is supposed to be "their" Glider Island. However, we do all peacefully co-exist! Meg... Cady, Colby... stop that fussing!