Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Case of Mistaken Identity: "Zeus, Help Me!"

It's just another Wednesday on the way home from work, and I'm staring at the "almost empty" reading on my fuel gauge, and I'm wondering if I can make it home the full 50 miles. In my van, it was easy. I could run nearly 500 miles on a full tank of gas, and I only filled up once a week. I'd never been this low on the Honda before. The gauge showed just under a hair on the quarter of a tank mark, and I thought I could make it, so away I went.

Yes! I made it! I get back within the area, and I am within 10 minutes of home. I pulled into a Sunoco station where gas is $2.99/gal, and I was feeling pretty lucky. As I get out of the car, I spotted a young girl holding a baby boy, about the size of Sprout. The young girl looked at me, a bit quizzically, so I nodded a "hello" and started filling up my 17-gallon tank.

While I was refueling, I chatted with Sprout through the window, and I tickled her little feet. She was just chattering away in baby-ese, and she'd toss in an occasional "Puppies!" here and there in her absolutely fluent Dutch. Sprout is a clever, but ornery, little bugger, and her favorite word these days is "Puppies"! Just a small digression: when my older daughter was a baby, her favorite TV show was "Barney", but Sprout's favorite TV show is, "Jurassic Fight Club", and she calls the dinosaurs "puppies." I know. Odd, huh?

Anyway, as I got back into the car, I noticed this young girl was still looking at me. I'm not a paranoid person, but I did begin to wonder if I looked scary (or something) since I was dressed in a completely "jet black" outfit. I thought maybe I should say something to her just to set her at ease. I said, "Hey there" and smiled, and then I got in the car. Suddenly, she said something. Now, I don't hear so well, and I could not hear, clearly, what she said, but I didn't want to seem rude. I got back out of the car, and I said, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" She replied, "Would you like a puppy?"

Ok, let me start out by saying this: I know, I should know better. I do. But, here it comes: Sprout had been chattering, "Puppies! Puppies!" in the back seat all the way home, and I didn't see any harm in letting her take a look at a cute little puppy. I asked the girl what kind she had, and she said that she only had one and then asked if I would like to see it.

Now, my mother warned me years ago about talking to strangers. I should have listened. However, curiosity got the better of me, and I drove over to her car and Sprout and I peeked at the puppy. What a cute little thing, he was, too! A black and tan puppy (who the young girl explained was just seven months old). I asked her again, what kind he was, just to make conversation, and I told her that he was a cute little thing and prepared to leave. Then, she said that she had been waiting for me!

What? How was that possible, I wondered! She explained that she'd been waiting since 3:00. The time was 3:48. I explained that I wasn't who she thought I was since I had just got off work. She said she had been waiting for this woman, and she thought I was "the one." I explained that I didn't need another dog, but at the same time, she was explaining that she couldn't keep him because her other dogs were being mean to him. I felt bad for this young girl (who had been so patient to wait for this unknown person), and she seemed so sweet.

I knew I was already in trouble. So, I asked what his name was, and she told me, "Zeus." Well, the cuteness thing got me, and I loved the name, so I told her that although I did not need another dog, I would do everything that I could to help him find a good home, but I promised her he would NOT go to the pound. No way.

I could see that Zeus was already great with a baby (as he was licking the little boy's foot). Sprout squealed with delight, and that was it. Zeus sat on my lap all the way home, with his little doggie ears flapping away in the wind (the window wasn't down too far). I was sure John was going to kill me, but all it took was one look, and he decided that Zeus, who is "part Miniature Doberman and part Dachsund" could stay. Zeus is the cutest little black and tan seven month old puppy that there ever was, and he's had his first round of shots. As soon as we got home, Sprout and Zeus became the best of buddies, and now, when she shouts, "Puppies!", she's got it right. He looks nothing like a dinosaur!


Meet Zeus!

Sprout and Zeus!

Update: Zeus was (and still is) a well-loved little doggie, but when John heard that his buddy at work was looking for a puppy for his daughter's birthday, he had mentioned Zeus to him, in passing, and shared his story since the man was looking at buying from Petland. Later, John's buddy was interested in seeing photos of Zeus, so John shared my blog. Then, "the guys" discussed a trial visit: Zeus meeting the little girl. It was love at first sight, and Zeus seems to have found a new home. We get regular updates on his progress. Zeus and the little girl are really happy together. It's kind of funny how things seem to work out for the best. We had the understanding that if he couldn't keep Zeus, he would be returned to us. So far, so good.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Introducing . . . . the next President of the United States!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fox News. Tsk tsk.

Fox News, please!

Ayers and Obama: What details is the media ignoring?"



To George:

We're watching you in that silver minivan cruising past those "Big Brother cameras" on North Bridge Street . . .

Words of Wisdom: For one of life's most vexing issues.

When your PC doesn't run as fast as it used to: Buy a Mac and never face another pointless, takes forever to download and install, yet the bazillioneth and twelveth upgrade, and never look back! Honestly, it makes me wonder, with ALL of the money and resources and really smart people that Gates/MicroSoft has available, why can't "they" design the PERFECT OS that is truly hack-proof? An OS that is stable, secure, and runs like cheetah?

Trust me, I was as PC as it gets, since I first entered computer-world with DOS (so long ago that I can't remember which version of DOS that it was: 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2)! Anyway, it was well before the popularity/existence of Windows - way back when it was COOL to own a 12 mHz Toshiba laptop with (not one, but) TWO 720 kb floppies (yes, the 3.5 inch ones), and NO HARD DRIVE! I've seen (and taught) every Windows mutation (except Vista), and I "checked out" of PC-world in 2006, and I haven't missed a darned thing. Anything PC can do, Mac can do better!

Wait. Yes I did miss a few things: Countless security fixes and a bloated operating system (that can generally be hacked by any third world nation's 12-year old. Oh, and another thing, even though I have a Mac that CAN run Windows, I've chosen to NOT "dumb it down", and my Mac is "pure Mac." Since 2006, I haven't had a single complaint, or regret, about "going Mac."

(This blog was inspired by yet another one of those silly overpriced commercials that promises to improve the efficiency of any Windows-based PC.)

Why waste time and money? Go Mac!