Saturday, January 09, 2016

Playing with The Elements: Mixing Your Own Essential Oils

This is a story of withdrawal from using high quality essential oils in both catalytic burners (fire) and with a diffusers (water) :

Despite the cold damp weather here in Ohio (and we've had a mild winter so far, but it's about to get worse: the polar vortex is going to bring a host of bad weather). I have a pot of beans and ham cooking, the coffee is great, and I've filled up all of my effusion lamps/catalytic burners with my own homemade oil.

A very good friend of mine (KB) has spoiled me absolutely rotten. She has introduced me to using essential oils, and I love them!  The only problem is -- I've used them all, and I need to reorder.

Feeling the hurt of not having anymore of "the good stuff", I went to a "big name craft store" to see if their essential oils would work until my financial situation allowed me to buy some more of "the good stuff."

I decided to err on the side of caution and try a small sampling of their clove oil because I'm frugal by nature, but that oil didn't "delicately drop out of the bottle" -- it POURED -- like water. What a bad deal, even if it did seem like it was going to save some cash!

Ok. I've opened that one, and I can't return it, so I thought I'd try to use this as a base for making my own effusion lamp oil.  We'll see if it actually burns, and I hope it doesn't clog up my wick.  I will be taking 
the remaining three bottles of unopened essential oils back to the store for a refund.  This oil isn't necessary "bad" -- it's just not "the good stuff" (which is all 100% certified organic and therapeutic grade).

The jury is still out on the "local health food store" peppermint oil that I also bought yesterday. The good news is "it drips, slowly, just like I think a good oil should, and it doesn't pour. I can actually count the drops."  It smells good, but it's not quite as potent as the oils my friend sent me. Still, it might be a good substitute until my order comes in.

If anyone else out there uses effusion lamps (also called catalytic burners OR the Lampe Berger lamps -- the original -- DO NOT USE ***JUST*** ESSENTIAL OILS TO FILL THEM!

There is a special mix (a very specific recipe) to be used instead, which is a delicate combination of 91% alcohol, distilled water, and a SMALL portion of essential oil. If you use *just* pure essential oil, the oil won't burn and it will very likely ruin your wick. Remember -- 91% alcohol is highly flammable!

The recipe for making your own effusion lamp oil can be found here at: Christy's Thrifty Decorating.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank you, everyone!

I just saw the update on this little glider's fundraising, and this little girl will be able to have her surgery! My friend would like to thank everyone who made a donation!

Little Sugar Glider Needs Your Help -- Can You Spare Even a Dollar?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Max, a Boxer-mix, was seriously attacked in a shelter, and he needs medical care

Can you donate even a dollar or two to help this little guy? He has a serious infection in his leg. Here is the story on Max. Every little donation adds up! Please give if you can (DETAILS BELOW):

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Help Save Shadow - He's in a Kill-Shelter!

Save Shadow! He is scheduled to be put down on June 2nd!

(Cross-posted from Lewisburg Animal Shelter Adoptions page):

Owner Release: unaltered male, no shots known. Owner stated he could not care for him anymore. Good with Kids, dogs and cats.See More
These are the dogs who are at the animal shelter in Lewisburg, TN - 931-359-5948. We are trying to find them homes. If you want one of these sweet dogs - please call the shelter immediately and leave them a message. Also, could you please pass this folder on to your friends to see if anyone of them may be interested and ask them to also pass it on and so on, so we may save these dog's lives? Thank you for your help!! :-) Thanks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Congratulations, Southeastern Class of 2011!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials 2010/ Super Bowl 44