Friday, September 21, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding me!?!?!


I can NOT believe what I just read here Mattel Apologizes to China Over Recalls.

How in the world does something like this take place? We can NOT be too careful in watching over Chinese imported goods, and to APOLOGIZE to China for them for sending US defective, tainted, dangerous goods is just the height of stupidity.

Mattel: I have news for you, I am NOT buying ANYTHING with your name on it -- EVER -- PERIOD!

I'm sure I won't hurt your stock too much, but you are "just full of it"!

Apologize if you make a mistake, sure, that is the American way, but what is CHINA doing about the boy who died from the lead poisoning; further, what is CHINA doing about the kids who have been harmed but aren't exhibiting any of the signs -- YET?!

MATTEL, you just don't get it!

Looks to me like China is just too smug for their own good. They have the labor force, and they darned well know it... they WILL keep sending us crap, and we (if we, as a nation, don't wisen up) will continue to do business with them (which makes us even more stupid)!

Personally, I am taking a PRIVATE stand -- if a product is NOT made in the US -- I am simply not buying it.

If I have to make my own things, then so be it!

Um... can we say WAKE UP CALL?
According to the article printed by The Chicago Tribune Online:

"Tests had found that lead levels in paint in recalled toys were as high as 110,000 parts per million, or nearly 200 times higher than the accepted safety ceiling of 600 parts per million."


And Mattel says, "Sorry"?



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